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Dear Reader:
Welcome to our multi-faceted website! .If learning can be said to be life's principal purpose - which we believe to be true - then the task of offering something of value to a person who is curious enough to discover what there may be here for him will of necessity be created out of many shapes and colors! Or, as Socrates is reported as having said, quoting the Delphic Oracle in Greece:
Gnothe Sauton
Know Thyself
We offer eighteen different resources for or categories of learning and loving represented in these pages which you may view by clicking on links to the left.  
The philosophy of this site is repeated on the link option entitled "This I believe." .
It can all be summed up as "I believe in our earth as a place for life, and I believe
in fostering whatever will make life possible.
I believe that real changes will take at least a generation, so we need to begin with the children. Especially, we need to begin to take more responsibility for what goes on in our schools. Our children are our future - and so much more can be accomplished with prevention than with cure!
I believe that educating our children to value life by having BEEN valued throughout their lives is the key to any change for the better in society, including planetary healing - and that we need reliable information about what their education should be like. You'll find a lot of alternatives among these pages offering information about good, truly life-enhancing schools that already exist.
Unfortunately, we don't have that much time to wait to begin making those changes. Global warming has put us all on notice. The news is not good. Furthermore, the end of the era of plentiful oil has already begun, and will become ever more evident. The implications for a whole spectrum of amenities and necessities we have come to take for granted are almost certainly up for grabs.
Here's a poem I received from a friend recently. It's my "sermon" of the day!
.....A Global Warming Alphabet
A is for Amazon jungle, full grown,
B for the Beef for which it's cut down.
C is for Carbon and Climate and Change,
D for Denial with arguments strange.
E is for Energy, (never comes free.)
F is for Future, where we're all going to be.
G is for God, (not found on these shelves.)
H is for Hell - we'll build it ourselves.
I is for Increased Bad Weather and Drought.
J for the Jokes which we bring to our doubt.
K is for Killing, whether active or passive.
L is for Loss, and the Loss will be massive.
M the Millennium that never will come.
N for the Nothing we've (personally) done.
O is for Oil that greases the wheels,
P for Production, and profit from deals.
Q for Quite Soon they'll be bringing the bill,
R for the Rich eating more than their fill.
S is for Short-Term (the gain that we love.)
T for Tsunami, looming above.
U is for Us, our very last hope
V is for Vortex, that tugs like a rope.
W's for Oil and the End of the World.
X for eXtinction, into which we'll be hurled.
Y is for You, (also Me) who must act.
Z is for Zap when we don't. That's a fact.
................................................... ...................Mike Cope
My friend Roger Woolger calls this time the end of the Kali Yuga, the Age of the Goddess Kali, the Hindu goddess of death, destruction and rebirth. Roger writes of our times:
Such are the signs of the times, signs that we are nearing the end of the cycle of Kali, the period which corresponds to the current age ... As this momentous cycle comes to its predicted chaotic end, it seems to me that all us who have any degree of spiritual awareness are finding ourselves affected by the enormous psychic weight of these accumulated residues. And at the same time we are surely also under some kind of obligation to become part of what I can only call an enormous and unprecedented kind of a cleanup act.
The Hindu goddess Kali is also associated with this era for she symbolizes traditionally a cosmic power whose chief function is to preside over purification of impure residues leading to transformation preparatory for a new age. She is therefore a goddess of death and rebirth, often portrayed in her icons with a garland of severed heads and limbs. Not a pleasant figure.
I hope the information I have gathered on this website will help generate ideas about what we can do to help get us through this time of cleansing. Click here to read a great article Roger has written on the secret history of reincarnation.


 If I need to correct anything - or if you just want to
comment on anything I've included, let me know.
Last updated 10/26/2011