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--- That treehouses are becoming more and more popular? I discovered 32 references to website links on the subject - and that was just on Google's first page! - with 9 more to follow. Jack's book (below) is unique in this category, however, because most of the treehouses referred to are either for kids or for fun but not for real living. Jack's is both - and he is a born naturalist and lover of life as well - and writes eloquently about both! $12.95 + $2 s&h.
-- People were once burned at the stake for even suggesting such heretical ideas about Jesus' life AFTER the crucixion? And yet, the evidence that has been accrued about that post-crucifixion life gathers more and more credibility as the years go on. Both Search and The Fifth Gospel (below) offer detailed information about this evidence from a wide variety of sources. Each $16.95 + $2 s&h - or $30 for both +$3 s&h.
The Hermit's Handbook. by Jack Barry
A Search for the Historical Jesus. by Professor Fida Hassnain
The Fifth Gospel, by Professor Fida Hassnain and Rabbi Dahan Levi
Do you have any idea how many wonderful schools there are in this country that care about children and give them choices as to how to spend their time in school?
Real Schools: In Their Own Words - March, 2005.
REAL SCHOOLS - IN THEIR OWN W0RDS - edited by Mary M. Leue: Down-to-Earth Books, Ashfield, MA. This is an account of 27 different schools, 24 of them in the US.with accompanying essays by members of each of them - or, in a couple of cases, parents of children in them - taken from SKOLE, The Journal of Alternative Education. Valuable for parents looking at educational alternatives or student teachers, struggling to learn about what is possible in the field. $16.95 plus shipping.
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