Mary at Ninety-one
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Sylvie Hetu from Montreal took the picture above during the summer of 2008..And below is a wonderful extension into the fourth generation of "us'n", at my granddaughter Sara's graduation from Loyola University with an MS degree in Business Administration: my daughter Ellen on the left, me on the right, Sara in between, with my mother's picture for comparison.
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Down-to-Earth Herbs

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The Free School:
Now under the aegis of the THIRD generation of teachers, we celebrated our fortieth year this last June. The school has never been better, after all this time, and the building itself practically glows with color, charm and life.
This disturbingly ubiquitous issue of school violence has risen to a national crisis level during the first decade of the current century. Schools all over the US have felt its impact, and have reponded by drastically tightening the rules, and thereby increasing the frustration and despair felt by children trapped in an increasingly prison-like atmosphere five days out of seven!

At the Free School we learned how to deal with this problem in a manner that has insured the total absence from the school of this kind of behavior on the part of the children - and without adding new rules to restrict freedom! ,Read more about how we handled this aspect of child interaction in a way that made the adopting of new rules unnecessary. There are two articles on bullying by Chris Mercogliano, who came to teach at the school in 1971, on the "bullying" page, telling how we solved the problem at the school.

Down-to-Earth Bookstore: 
Here you will find books online in eight different categories, most especially education, but others as well - with either a review or an excerpt (or both) to read that'll give you a good idea of what the book is about.

Books About Real Education:

The bookstore has a number of books on this subject not available from other sources. 


Before you order, take a look at what people have said about these sources for information about alternative education.
Indexes (SKOLE and others):
SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education, ran quarterly for fourteen years, from 1984-98. .This journal, and its sister anthologies in four volumes - Challenging the Giant, The Best of SKOLE - are still the backbone of historical information about what the leaders in the alternative education movement have had to offer in terms of things that work in education.

Down-to-Earth Herbs:\

Take a look at my organic calendula ointment, ragweed desensitization kit and mosquito repellent pages. Calendula is an amazingly healing, anti-itch, anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic ointment that used to be available only at sky-high prices from firms like Boiron! I sell it at less than half their price - and mine also contains five times more calendula than any of the others!  
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My memoirs Biography/Vita
My 90th birthday party
Somebody's Mother
Some of my past lives
Especially take a look at the pictures my son Tom took of my ninetieth .birthday party ! It was glorious. I wore a crown created by one of my .friends!
If you're curious, read the preface and a couple of early chapters of my memoirs, listed below, all about my parents, my childhood and early years.

The poems are some I've received requests for more than once - "Dead Doll," nine times! I love the old-fashioned, juicy, sentimental sentiments toward these two subjects so dear to old women: dolls, from their early years, and courtesy toward the elderly (themselves!).

I should perhaps explain a bit about including the "past lives" link below. I discovered these other "me's" by working with Deep Memory [i.e., past lives] therapist and scholar extraordinaire Roger Woolger - and others - in the 1980s. .If you read about the most recent one of them - the boy who died on the Titanic in 1916 - and what I discovered about "my" presence there, it may seem a little less strange that I have come to believe that past lives are real. Actually, I've read that their reality was accepted as real by most religious groups, including Christianity, until the era of the Emperor Justinian, under whose codified laws the belief is omitted as in error - or worse! He also closed all Greek and Roman shrines,m including the temple of the Delphic oracle.
If I need to correct anything - or if you just want to comment on anything I've included, let me know.
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