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focuses on learning for life.. and on lifelong learning. I hope it can be a teaching resource - especially in the area of alternative education - because profound change really must begin with the children! Adults are already programmed, and learning new ways is much harder! That having been said, however ...
we still believe that it's time for a change - or, as Monty Python says, 
... like learning for WISDOM - not just content ...
This site is for parents, for kids, for educators, for elders, for seekers after beauty and mystery, for innovators and people looking for support for their own endeavors!   We urgently need to learn to reach deep inside for our contact with our most profound Selves as a basis for reaffirmation of our belief in goodness, in grace and in Spirit.  
Marianne Williamson and Jean Houston have said it all, in this excerpt from one of the Rowe Conference Center's news pages: 
It is easy to forget that we share something vital, something profound. Though we rarely speak of this love of wisdom, it pervades our lives. Perhaps we fear it isn't cool, or sophisticated, to articulate something so tender and gentle. But it is pervasive; it underlies so much of what happens here every day.

It's time now to try something more diverse, more tolerant of individual differences, more kind-hearted toward our children - especially toward the children whose families have been shut out from participating in the myths of corporate America: in sum, more truly human, more profoundly spiritual, more celebratory of LIFE. After all, as we have seen so vividly and poignantly in the last week, it is who we are!

But what about the violence?? Click here to explore this burning issue in more depth.. 

These are times that call for a prayerful perspective: for humility, for simplicity of living styles, for creativity - for poetry, for song, for compassionate innovation.  We need thoughtful responses to the very real evils that have been let loose among us.

 Especially, the hope and prayer of this site is to offer help and support by focusing on the prevention of school violence - or on violence against children - by empowering children in ways that work, that recognize the true nature of childhood, that counsel personal relationships with children in ways that nourish their creativity and release their natural spirituality and altruism.  

I think we may all need to learn (prayerfully, mindfully) how to "make it up as we go along" - as we did and do in The Free School - as an antidote for impulses toward either automism or revenge - especially toward mindless reprisals to deeply felt injuries.

Let's stop defining the need for school learning solely as one of more academic success through more and more stringent school curricular development. Let's remember that the way to find happiness is not through promoting the myth of personal wealth and status but through living one's life, just as John Dewey - and John Denver - told us a few years ago! 

 Altogether, these pages represent the creativity and caritas of a circle of people that believe, in equal measure, in themselves, their work, humanity and the earth. We all need to get to know each other! Unity in diversity is a powerful tool with which to create change. That's why you will find a big group of facsimile websites here, whose owners have given us permission to use them as springboards to the real thing. So this motley webpage is an invitation to share in the bounty of that loving circle and then to go and do likewise, remembering that it takes ALL of us to make the changes we all yearn for. 

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