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Alternative Educational Topics Home Page a summary page of all the educational topics depicted on this website
Alternative school sites with hyperlinks to many such school websites
Articles about alternative education - including a complete INDEX I have put together of fourteen years of SKOLE articles, reviews, and so on, many of which you may view online by clicking here - and/or any of which I can transcribe and send to you. Transcripts cost $4 plue $2 shipping, but if you can't manage the cost, I can send them free or put them on the website for you. Let me know!
Books about alternative education
Bookstore, a listing and where and how you can order educational books (and others) not to be found el;sewhere.
Educational programs, resources, organizations
Exceptional Teachers - with links to their writings describing their creative teaching experiences
Homeschooling commentary page

Comprehensive INDEX of the contents of the entire 14 years of publication of SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education

News of democratic education gatherings.
Educational Publications
Reviews of books on education (and other topics).
Spiritual Education Page - a hybrid summary page that belongs on BOTH educational and non-educational linking pages.
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