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Alternative Schools/Unschools. etc.
The Academy at Charlemont (MA), a pretty traditional, non-democratically oriented private school that is also GREAT for kids! I don't much care about "politically-correct" categories. This one may be an exception, or it may not - in any case, vive les differences! Excellence comes in many forms.
Alternative Community School, a long-running and highly successful Essential Schools Network member high school in Ithaca,NY
Blacksburg New School, a family-centered alternative school
Clonlara School and Homeschooling Network
Coalition of Essential Schools page
Community School in Camden, Maine
Albany's Free School, all about it - and us
Harmony School Education Center
New School of Northern Virginia - a school with a heart
Other Alternative Schools home pages - a survey page describing several schools and other resources
Puget Sound Community School
Stork Family School - a wonderful school in the Ukraine
Summerhill, A. S. Neill's great English school, just emerged from under the shadow of English officialdom!
Sudbury Valley School
Tibetan Children's Village
The Touchstone Center for Children
Upattinas School
An Alternative Education Book List
Educational Programs and Organizations
AERO (The Alternative Education Resource Organization) Home Page, an all-purpose resource web page and a newsletter, Ed Rev, which also publishes an almanac of alternative schools and other resources. Click here for more information.
AERO's Other Alternative Education sites. Many fascinating resources to browse on!
Educational Heretics, Roland Meighan's website and press.
Encompass, Ba Luvmour's authentic education and conscious parenting site
The Institute for People's Education Association of America
Indigo Children website - all about the "new kids" our schools love so well to dose up on drugs
Home's Cool, A to Z - a homeschooling resources website
Online Kids' page - where young kids can learn web design and mastery,the easy way, if they really want it and can convince me it is real. Write me at
MAAP page - Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs
The Natural Child Project - a great website with lots of articles on child-rearing
NCACS page - the National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools
North Star, Ken Danford's splendid Teen Center in Hadley, MA
Prison Resistance Movement page
Paths of Learning Resource Center, created by Robin Martin
Rowe Camp & Conference Center
Saori Handweaving of New England, a creative weaving style for everyone, imported from Japan by Mihoko Mayabayashi and Nat Needle
School of Metaphysics home page - Education for the Third Millennium
Teaching Classics to the Homeless, a Bard College-supported program for real teaching that works!
The Touchstone Center for Children, Richard Lewis' marvelous program in New York City for helping kids and teachers remember their creativity
Publications on Educational/Lifestyle Alternatives
Great Ideas in Education, an annotated catalogue of books on Educational Research, Reform and Alternatives
A comprehensive INDEX of articles, interviews, school profiles and much more from fourteen years of SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education, 1985-99
LibEd, an English Libertarian Education publication
Paths of Learning, Options for Families & Communities: a great new alt ed quarterly zine
Paths of Learning Resource Center, a remarkably complete database for alternative education, crafted by Robin Martin
Crone Chronicles magazine, teaching the "awakening from their dogmatic slumbers" for lively old women
Journal of Family Life (now called the "Journal for Living") 1999 covers of a great zine with nutritive stuff for families that won't make you gag.
Journal of Family Life: JFL covers for 2000-01: issues on Healing, Love, Issues that Challenge our Youth.
SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education, reviewed by John Potter. Back issues are still available, and four volumes of anthology taken from the journal (Challenging the Giant, is available from Down-to-Earth Books. Contact Mary Leue at
The Sun magazine, human aliveness between covers
The Underground History of Education, by John Taylor Gatto. Click here for a review by Mary Leue of a previous edition John called The Empty Child.
Yes, A Journal of Positive Futures,a journal of Positive futures - an upbeat quarterly (which characterizes itself as "your independent source for a just, sustainable, and compassionate world" - edited by staunch environmentalist Sarah Ruth van Gelder, each issue on a different topic. The one depicted focuses on work - and, from another issue celebrating courage. the story of Rachel Corrie.
Articles on educational topics
The following articles have been taken, with a few changes, from several years of SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education. Check for additions and/or changes in our list of offerings every so often by clicking here! To order reprints of an article, or a back copy of the issue of the journal from which it was taken, or of the three-volume anthology of SKOLE articles, Challenging the Giant, click here.
ADHD: The Emperor's New Clothes: Why I Believe Attention Deficit Disorder is a Myth, by Thomas Armstrong, PhD
ADHD: Rid-a-Him, by Chris Mercogliano, Introduction, taken from a forthcoming book on ADHD. You may read the first four chapters from this book by ordering volume IV of Challenging the Giant from our bookstore.
Am I Really Qualified to Teach my Children at Home? Some Thoughts on this Provocative Question, by Richard Prystowsky
Books to Prisoners (plus an ACLU report on the injustices in the juvenile justice laws)
The Constitution and Due Process, an essay by Kenneth Pennington, PhD, Syracuse University
Educational Accountability, an essay by Robin Martin
Fixing a Desk, Mending a Mind, by Chris Mercogliano
Has Higher Education Abandoned its Students? by William H. Willimon
A School must have a Heart, by Chris Mercogliano
The Moral Logic of Perpetual Evolution, by John Taylor Gatto
Mudsill Theory, the Lancaster Amish and Jaime Escalante, by John Taylor Gatto
Mumasatou (1), by Chris Mercogliano
The Mumasatou Principle (2): Council Meetings at the Free School, by Chris Mercogliano
Panic, by Mary M. Leue
Relational Education at The Free School, by Mary M. Leue (from Paths of Learning)
Summerhill: Diary for the Tribunal Hearing to decide the fate of A.S. Neill's famous school
Summerhill For and For, by Mary Leue
Which Way, Top Down or Bottom Up? by Mary Leue, exploring the implications of education imposed on children versus education in which children have a real say
Why The Free School? by Chris Mercogliano
Reviews of Books on Educational Issues
(click here to see book covers)

Challenging the Giant, volume II, reviewed by Claudia Berman, author of The School Around Us, science writer (also includes volume I by reference)  

Challenging the Giant, volumes III and IV, both reviewed by Emanuel Pariser, teacher and co-founder of the Community School, in Camden, Maine.
A Free- Range Childhood: Self-Regulation at Summerhill School, by Matthew Appleton, former Summerhill House Parent, review from the back cover summary
A Life in School, Or, what the teacher learned, by Jane Tompkins, reviewed by Mary Leue
Amazing Grace, by Jonathan Kozol, reviewed by Mary Leue
The Empty Child, by John Taylor Gatto, reviewed by Mary M. Leue
Fury on Earth, a Biography of Wilhelm Reich, by Myron Sharaf, reviewed by Mary M. Leue
Growth of the Mind, by Stanley Greenspan, two reader reviews from
How Like an Angel Came I Down - conversations between Bronson Alcott and his children at the Temple School, edited by Alice Howell, reviewed by Mary Leue
May You Never Stop Dancing, a Professor's Letters to his Daughter, by John D. Lawry, reviewed by Mary M. Leue
Making It Up As We Go Along, Chris Mercogliano's book about the Free School, three reviews by Herb Kohl, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Teacher Magazine reviewer
No Master High or Low: Libertarian Education and Schooling in Britain: 1890 - 1990, by John Shotton, reviewed by Robin Martin
Real Education by David Gribble, a review by Robin Martin.
Summerhill School, A New View of Childhood, by A.S. Neill, edited by Albert Lamb
The Underground History of American Education, by John Taylor Gatto, a review by Mary M. Leue of the precursor to the Underground History of American Education, The Empty Child).
Down-to-Earth Books for hard-to-find books and magazines on educational topics (as well as others):
Bookstore small but choice, several alt. ed books from England, and you can ask us to order anything you don't find there
Down-to-Earth Books (black)
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