Roger Woolger, PhD.
Deep Memory Process Trainer & Tour Guide Extraordinaire
Jolly Roger.....................Intrepid Roger.....
ROGER J. WOOLGER, PH.D, is a Jungian analyst, Deep Memory Process professional trainer and lecturer with a Psychology degree from Oxford University and a PhD degree in Comparative Religion frrom the University of London. He trained as an analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich, and has been conducting Deep Memory Process (DMP) in Britain, Brazil and the United States since 1993.
Roger's gifts and contributions are multi-faceted. Grounded in psychotherapy and bodywork (Jung, Reich, Psychodrama and Gestalt), he has the ability to bring people through deep transformative experiences with deep compassion, creating an atmosphere that is safe and contained. In addition, he has an extraordinary (and much commented upon) ability to illuminate the broader spiritual picture - everything from Sufism to Western mysticism to Shakespeare - teaching with humor through poetry, music, story abnd meditation. He also has a great gift for mime and comedic fun! I feel very sorry for anyone who has never been visited by his Great Goddess Gwendoline or watched and heard one of his Monty Python episodes!
Roger has taught and published articles on dreamwork and meditation, the Grail legend and the mysticism of Simone Weil. A lifelong student of the perennial philosophy and the Christian mystical tradition, he has also been deeply influenced by the practice of Buddhist vipassana meditation. He has also given film seminars on Fellini, Bergman and Cocteau and has led study tours on myth and religion to Bali and to the South of France (the Troubadours, the Cathars and the Holy Grail) Terra Sacra Tours. He is also an amateur Shakespeare actor and teacher.
Born a British citizen, Roger has lived and taught Jung, myth and comparative religion widely in North America. In 1996 he appeared in the British Channel 4 television series "Transformation." In 1997 he was a keynote speaker at the first Brazilian International Transpersonal Psychology Conference in Lindoya. The same year he gave a highly acclaimed talk on "The Presence of Other Worlds in Psychotherapy and Healing" at the Beyond the Brain Conference co-sponsored by the British Scientific and Medical Network and the Institute for Noetic Sciences (California) at Cambridge University. He has been a guest professor at Vassar College, where he gave the Mary Mellon Memorial lectures in 1988. He has also been a visiting professor at the University of Vermont (1975) and Concordia University, Montreal (1979-80). He has led workshops at the New York Open Center, Kripalu, Esalen Institute and Omega Institute, and at conferences given by Common Boundary and various Associations for a number of years.
Roger Woolger's first book, Other Lives Other Selves, (Doubleday, 1987) is an innovative synthesis of Jungian depth psychology, bodywork, yoga psychology and eastern meditation principles. It is widely regarded as the definitive work in the field of deep process therapy. He has discussed and demonstrated the work on American, Canadian and Italian network television to much acclaim. It has been translated into German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
His second book, The Goddess Within (Ballantine, 1989) (with Jennifer Barker) is a guide to the new psychology of the feminine as mirrored in the myths and conflicts of the Greek goddesses. It has appeared in Germany and Brazil.
As a tour guide, Roger is exceptionally qualified as a brilliant scholar and teacher who has been leading tours of southern France for over thirty years, speaks French and will translate for tour members, and is a talented and entertaining speaker. He has been leading tours in this region for nearly two decades.
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