The Excitement of Feeling Free
In Search of Freedom
In this land we take, not sure how to
set ourselves free; we search.
Mumbled with pre-predictions; sight
of up has already been determined.
My mind gives unto this over and over;
as I try and keep the memories of
my freedom alive; struggling in today's society.
For some reason my people are wise;
maybe from the suffering of cold poverty.
The need for compassion, sheds great
insight; humbling us to a real life.
Freedom is in reach.
How to grasp freedom; educate wise.
Throw away your rules, and preconceived notions.
This is who I am, and how I grow.
You can not take that away from me.
And I swear, never to take it away from my child.
The freedom to learn, is the freedom to grow.
Thrown into this world, young and caring
opened to your insanities, I talk to myself.
Challenged with what is real, or could be fantasy,
I begin to ravel with every roll, like a golf ball;
only exposed, when the hard shell broken;
waiting to snap, I grow old.
Which leaves me to think of my past freedom.
Not so far away, I can smell it like yesterday.
That kind of excitement does not leave you;
when you are alive. There are so many reason.
With just one taste, you can embody the righteousness.
How do I suffice in this world now?
Trained on the comforts of my own addictions.
Blundering, day by day, in our confused society;
like everyone around me, I become narrow-minded.
Drowning in my own spun web.
I know better, for certain reasons why.
My memories of freedom, held close to my side.
I might fight to keep them checked,
for the problems they arise.
But, eventually they unlock my tongue.
My mind and body, unable to deny myself my freedom.
I have been educated to be free.
My opinions always mattered.
People cared, always true to nature,
pretty, ugly, or indifferent;
With right and wrong, written, for each individual.
Respect and honesty the strongest rule.
Such a knowledge can not be denied,
The greatest gift for a
people's nation is