the Journal of Alternative Education
by long-time subscriber John Potter, poetic founder
and director of the New School of Northern Virginia
SKOLE feels like a friend to me.
It arrives in the mail
I pick it up
and always hold it in my hand
and look at it.
I usually don't open it,
just as the magpie stores those things
of great value
in a special place
I will put it in that place... but later.
First, it must just hang around the dining room table
so I can see that it has arrived
this product of devotion
to freedom and to kids everywhere.
I walk through the kitchen
and glance at it.
It is very good that this is in my house
it affects the way I feel.
You see, I know that it has distilled
heartfelt opinions from well meaning people,
generosity of spirit
and a purity I can't quite describe
between the covers.
It is bound with optimism, hope and love.
These qualities just radiate from it
as it sits on the table.
Such is SKOLE for me.
I have opened it
and read it from cover to cover
Otherwise I would not be able to say the things I have.
But never have I found a journal
filled with writing, as all journals are,
which says more to me through its mere presence in my house
than it does through the words it contains.
Things come and go
and I am very, very sad that
there will not be new editions to grace my house
the old ones feel like new.
SKOLE started its quarterly publication in the fall of 1985 as a vehicle for the National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools, and when it proved too individualistic to be accepted any longer as their own publication, it became a general resource for alternative educational writers both adult and child. It finally has come to a full stop with a double issue for Fall, '97-Winter, '98, which you may order (or any of the back issues) by clicking here. There is also a complete index of articles, reviews, interviews, school profiles et al, which you may scan by clicking here.