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Who's Counting?
Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies and Global Economics
I give the film (and Ms. Waring, of course) every superlative -- rivetting, revealing, inspiring, etc. It penetrates to the heart of the global, ecological and social crisis that afflicts the world.. required viewing for all who know we are on a destructive path and want to get off .

- David Suzuki //

From the video:
They were wheeling out all these papers all full of
jargon. So I would wait until it was my turn and I
would say: What does so and so mean? Do you have
any English to explain it in? .. Real words?

When Marilyn Waring was elected to the New Zealand Parliament in 1975 she thought she might one day return to her first love, classical music. Instead, the 22-year-old MP was re-elected three times and blazed a trail that eventually brought down her own government and launched her as the foremost spokesperson for global feminist economics.

Witty, irreverent and accomplished in what she calls "The art of the dumb question," Waring challenges the myths of economics, its élitist stance, and our tacit compliance with political agendas thast masquerade as objective ecomomic policy.

Divided thematically into 15 short chapters, Who's Counting?: Sex, Lies & Global Economics is an entertaining primer for anyone who suffers from what Waring refers to as "economics anxiety." See it and the evening news will never be the same!

Produced by the National Film Board of Canada, Studio B

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