The Fifth Gospel
by Professor Fida Hassnain
and Rabbi Dahan Levi

From the back cover text:

When Jesus was born in Bethehem, wise men came from the East, saying, "Where is he? For we have seen his star in the East and are come to worship him." So reveals the Gospel of Matthew. Were these wise men from the East Buddhists who had discovered and found the baby Boddhisattva?

Did Jesus visit India at the age of thirteen? Why do the Gospels offer no information about him between the ages of thirteen and twenty-nine?

Moses was buried in the land of Moab, against Beth-Peor, but no man knoweth his grave. So says Deuteronomy. Why has the sepulchre on the mountain of Nebo, at the top of Pisgah in Beth-Pur in Kashmir been known as the tomb of Mossa since ancient times?

Did Jesus Christ survive after the crucifixion?

What is contained in the scrolls in the Buddhist monastery of Hemis about Jesus?

Who are the Moslems of Issa?

Who is Yuz-Asaph, the Prophet of the Bani-Israel - the Children of Israel?

Now you can read answers to all these questions in The Fifth Gospel.


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