This one came more as a dream than a Past Lives session, but it was so vivid, and felt so familiar, that I am pretty sure I did actually live this lifetime.
In it I was the daughter of a rich Bedouin father living the life of a pampered but a bored captive in his huge tent, richly appointed with rugs and hangings, fed lavishly three times a day and petted by him for my beauty but never allowed to go freely into the desert, either by myself or with a chosen companion, a member of a society in which women are not considered to be people in the sense in which men are. My mother was no better off than I was, so could not prevail on my father to give me rights or a life of my own.

Into this scene came a bold tribal chief riding on a great black horse. Before anyone even knew what he was about to do, he had reached down from his saddle and swept me up in front of him, and off he galloped into the desert, followed by his fellow tribesmen.

The life I lived after this sudden kidnapping was so totally opposite to the one I had been living before it that it was like a dream come true. Unlike so many other Bedouin chieftains, my husband enjoyed the whole idea of living with a woman as his equal. I had my own horse, and was allowed to roam the desert, either alone or with him on the periodic raids the tribe would make on some hapless shepherd or village to steal the riches that made up the life of this tribe.

Thus this was not a moral life, but one that became deeply satisfying to me. The man who was my father in that life was, I believe, my actual father in this one - and his attitude toward women wasn't THAT different, in spite of the curbs placed on chauvisnism in our society.


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