Jory Hearst and Lauren Jorgensen have come forward out of the goodness of their hearts and their enthusiasm for energy conservation to create a really informative video tape giving a viewer a clear, detailed overview of what it really takes to go into biodiesel production.

On this video you get a short history of the origin of biodiesel production from used cooking oil, and a graphic demonstration of each step of the process. If you have read Joshua Tickell's book, From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank and are thinking of going into the business of making biodiesel fuel for your diesel vehicle, this is the video to buy and learn from.

The cost is $25.00 plus $2 shipping.
Here's an account of the history of his development of a thriving biodiesel business in New England written recently by Tom for Josh Tickell.
Also, click here for a story by the Kitchen Sisters about another colorful seller of biodiesel fuel down in Denton, Texas. He calls his product BioWillie! Take a look and you will see why!

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