Drawings by Children from New York City Public Schools,
Text by Richard Lewis  
"A stunningly beautiful book, this selection of drawings by children! Drawings in the form of a bird, the bird of imagining, with an amazing variety of color and form, all inspired by the verses of Richard Lewis. Putting together color and form with such depth of texture gives the sense of primordial immediacy to these drawings. They have an entrancing beauty that comes from some wonder world available only to children. Even for us older folk, these children awaken us to our own singing bird within."
..................... -Thomas Berry, author of The Dream of the Earth
There lives, perhaps, in each of us, a bird of imagining. And as you might suspect, this is not an ordinary bird. It dwells in the many ways we imagine - and in the shapes and forms we bring to our imagining.
It follows its own course, and gives us new ways to see and understand ourselves. If you are willing to believe in your bird of imagining, it is a unique bird whose flight will not only change you, but what you can become.
Based on a poem by Richard Lewis and illustrated with luminous drawings by children from New York City public schools, this book opens, once again, the life of the imagination to all its winged possibilities.
For those of you, child and adult alike, who will not let the life of your imagining disappear.
Richard Lewis is the founder and director of The Touchstone Center for Children, as well as the author and editor of a number of books for children and adults. His most recent books include, When Thought Is Young - Reflections on Teaching and the Poetry of the Child ; Living By Wonder ; The Imaginative Life of Childhood and In the Space of the Sky, illustrated by Debra Frasier.
Touchstone Center Publications is a direct outgrowth of The Touchstone Center's activities and workshops in schools, museums and environmental centers. The Center's aim in publishing and distributing is to Preserve children's Original writings and art, to document and reflect upon the poetic and imaginative process in learning, and to create and republish books of poetry and myth from a wide spectrum of cultures.
The Bird of1magining is the second in a series of books highlighting texts, that
have been instrumental in developing themes and images as part of the Center's arts
and education residencies in schools. The first book in the series, Each Sky Has Its Words, illustrated by Gigi Alvaro, was originally published by the Center in September 2000.
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