a fable for little girls who love their daddies
by Mary M. Leue
From the back cover:
Jessica Dragonette's Fiery Breath is delightful. . ."

- Lois Wyvell, Editor, Offshoots of Orgonomy

"My daughter Gwennie loved your Jessica so much that she gave a book report on the book to her school class. . ."

- Robin Larson, artist, dragon aficionado and author, along with her husband Stephen of Fire in the Mind, the authorized biography of Joseph Campbell

"We read Jessica to our kids every year! They all love her!"

-Betsy Mercogliano, teacher at the Free School in Albany, New York


The subtitle, "a fable for little girls (as well as their mothers) who love their daddies," could also be extended to read, "a fable for the twentieth century." Always we need to return to the as yet unanswered question, "What is the real source of violence?" It is a question which urgently demands a thoughtful response. This story provides one possibility.

The drawing of dragons is a rare art. Reproducing the dragon nature of Jessica's little family, which incorporates both the fascination of a complex mythological species and the quixotically anthropomorphic quality with which the author has endowed them, demands a playful use of artistic skill as well as discernment. Melissa Marceau's vivid, lively illustrations catch the spirit of Jessica with extraordinary verve.