Other Lives, Other Selves

A Jungian Psychotherapist Discovers Past Lives
by Roger Woolger, PhD.
Doubleday, 1987.

(From the text, as reproduced on the back cover of the book jacket):

  • After many years of witnessing, guiding and recording hundreds into thousands of past life stories...I cannot pretend that I have not speculated a great deal about the tantalizing questions of whether all this is memory or fantasy, whether these are really our other lives and whether there is truly a continued existence of the soul as so many religious traditions assert. But as a therapist and not a philosopher I am perhaps fortunate in that I am not shackled by the problem of belief or disbelief; I am not obligated to delay my sessions until the learned jury of parapsychologists and metaphysicians is in on these matters. Not that they do not have important observations to make...but for the therapist there is another kind of truth, psychic truth: that which is real for the patient...As I always tell my clients, "It doesn't matter whether you believe in reincarnation or not. The unconscious mind will almost always produce a past life story when invited in the right way." Indeed, I am sometimes inclined to think that even if the conscious mind is highly skeptical about the reality of past lives as historical memories, the unconscious is a true believer and was simply waiting to be asked!
  • In this fascinating and provocative new book, Dr. Roger J. Woolger, a graduate of Oxford University and a certified Jungian analyst, presents a firsthand look at the emerging pyschology of reincarnation - and the dramatic power of past-life regression raqdically to transform and heal our lives. Other Lives, Other Selves reveals an exciting new therapeutic technique that produces astoundingly beneficial emotional and physical results - whether you believe in reincarnation as a literal or a symbolic phenomenon.
    Drawing on both Western science and Eastern spirituality, Dr. Woolger shows how patients have unlocked the secrets of their innermost memories - the often self-destructive cycles that are repeated life after life - to overcome the insecurity, depression, guilt, inhibition, family dysfunction and physical illness that they have inherited from their past lives. A lucid, compelling account of a revolutionary therapeutic technique. Other Lives, Other Selves offers an alternative path to self-improvement and self-enlightenment that addresses the whole person: mind, body and spirit.
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