....NPR Programs on Bullying since 1996

Many National Public Radio's news programs since 1996 have focused periodically on the issue of bullying. Looking over the entire range of listed programs under the Search topic "bullying" brings up a fascinating connection between what goes on in school playgrounds and lunchrooms and adult behavior in a wide range of topics, especially in the corporate world, and some resulting proposals for new laws.

It is to be wondered why it has not yet occurred to lawmakers and enforcers how much pain and expense could be prevented by solving the problem in school before it grows into adolescent criminality and hate.

NPR's programs have not yet reflected apparent awareness of a possible connection between school violence and governmental policies toward our international posturings in the world of nations, but it is to be hoped that eventually they will!

1. School Bullies

Pippin Ross reports from Amherst, Massachusetts that many schools are paying more attention to the problems created by school bullies. Some schools have incorporated "bully awareness"; trying to teach kids when enough is enough.

2. Bullying

On the next Talk of the Nation guest host Korva Coleman looks at what may be one of the roots of school violence. Does everyday playground bullying and teasing lead to high school shootings and brutality? What can teachers, parents and the community do to curb violence at an early age?

3. Handling Bullies

Bullies have long been a scourge of playgrounds and classrooms. Today, some schools are trying to control aggressive behavior by youngsters. Charlotte Renner of Maine Public Radio reports on a school-wide program in Maine that is teaching the art of getting along.

5. Wild Meat and the Bully Burgers

Daniel talks with Lois Ann Yamanaka, the author of the book "Wild Meat and Bully Burgers." Her book is loosely based on her own life as a Japanese-American growing up in Hawaii. She described how difficult it was being poor and of Japanese decent in a society where being white is considered being "the best."

6. Advice On Bullies

Commentator Bebe Moore Campbell says parents who worry about their children being bullied should take a look back to the first integrated schools.

7. Daycare Kids More Likely to Become Bullies

A link between kids in daycare and aggressive behavior in a new report is likely to heat up the debate over what to do with children while parents are working.

8. Anti-bully Law?

Prompted by the suicide of one student and the recent assault and death of another, there is a move in the Georgia legislature to create an anti-bullying law. From Peach State Public Radio in Atlanta, David Pollock reports.

9. The Bully and the Pulpit

Commentator Joe Loconte is pleased to see that the high wall of separation between church and state is slowly being lowered. Across the country, there are new partnerships between local governments and religious groups to tackle a number of social problems. He says its the best of two worlds: the churches do not have to throw out their religious convictions and states are getting much needed assistance.

10. Groups Use Web to Crack Down on Hate Crimes  

Three civil rights organizations team up on the Web in an effort to crack down on hate crimes.

11. Schoolchildren Buy Lunch with a Fingerprint

At a school district in Pennsylvania, stolen, sold or lost lunch tickets are now a thing of the past. The era of lunch line bullies is also over, unless they're out to steal your finger.

12. School Shooting News  

Russell Lewis of member station KPBS reports on what is known about the 15-year old suspect in the Santana High School shooting. People who knew him said he was an angry youth who'd been bullied because of his size and personality.

13. Restraining Orders  

More school students are going to court to obtain restraining orders against other students. Some schools and judges say courts have no business in the area of student safety. But parents of students who've faced serious bullying - even death threats...

14. Workplace Rudeness

NPR's David Molpus reports that rudeness, disrespect and outright bullying are become more common in the workplace. A study by researchers at the University of North Carolina attribute the rise in workplace incivility to intense competition, rapid change ...

15. Study On Bullying

NPR's Michelle Trudeau reports on a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, examining the psychological implications of bullying among sixth through tenth graders nationwide.

16. Teasing

Jacki talks to psychologist Dorothea Ross PhD, about ways to combat teasing. She has developed a program to teach children how to stand up to their schoolyard tormentors. Dr. Ross is the author of "Childhood Teasing and Bullying - What School Personnel ... "


And here is the result (edited) of a search using the keyword "bullying" on ACLU News Releases and NewsWire Items as of July 21, 2001:


1 06-25-01 - ACLU of Kentucky Launches Pocket Card Project to Prevent Student Harassment and Discrimination in Schools 

2 ACLU Newswire: June 20, 2001 -- Gay Students Face Harassment and Bullying 

3 ACLU Press Release: 10-01-97 -- Government Push For Mandatory Television Ratings 

4 ACLU -- NY Times Op-Ed Advertisement, November 17, 1998 

5 newsclip.html ACLU - Civil Liberties News 

6 ACLU Press Release: 04-09-01 -- Noisy Steel Company Intimidates Quiet Neighbor with Retaliatory Lawsuit 

7 ACLU Press Release - 05/01/97 -- ACLU Sues Denver Police for Misconduct In Melee at Thomas Jefferson High School Dance 

8 ACLU Press Release: -- ACLU Lawsuit Charges Hawai'i School Officials and Police with Persecution of 12-Year-Old Girl 

9 ACLU Press Release: 11-05-98 -- Court Upholds Students' Right to Sue School District 

10 ACLU Press Release: 10-16-98 -- ACLU Urges Passage of WA Safe School Act 

11 ACLU Press Release: 04-21-98 -- Students Sue CA School District Over Harassment 














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