This Page is About Kids and Violence -

what it's about, what we can do about it


Day Two - from The History of The Free School - an account of how the need for problem-solving to avoid violent confrontations and bullying first showed itself in the brand new school.

The Mumasatou Principle - a forty-year-old school's brilliant answer to this shameful problem.

School as Community/Community as School: from Turning the Titanic: Forty Years of Living in School and Community - a new model of schooling such that bullying does not occur.

The Fourth Purpose - John Taylor Gatto's website - offering The Enigma of Public Schools: The Fourth Purpose, A Three-Episode, Six-Hour Documentary Series and information about his marvelous book, The Underground History of Education, which documents fully how we got into this educational mess - and John's philosophy of real teaching, based on his experiences as Teacher of the Year, both for New York City (twice!) and for New York State. See also a list of John's articles on this website.
Philosophy Club - one brilliant answer from a poor school in San Francisco
Teaching Classics to the poor - the Bard College Clemente Course in the Humanities, a similar program in the New York City area.
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - as educational model for what kids want and need.
NPR on bullying - one of the worst school problems we have, and one we so often fail to resolve - sometimes, even, to notice.
Dosing with Drugs - all too often used both as a first impulse and/or a last resort.