.Calendula Ointment


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Ingredients: Made from freshly-plucked calendula petals, lavender petals, olive oil, lanolin and beeswax, this ointment is an amazingly healing substance with many uses both in the family and the medical realms.

Family usages: It moistens dry skin and helps to soothe and heal the misery of all kinds of skin rashes and lesions, including burns, eczema, poison ivy, diaper rash, cradle cap, insect bites, acne, chapped lips and skin, as well as hastening the healing of wounds.

Medical usages: anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, it helps to prevent infections, and to heal various mucous membrane abrasions including minor vulvar and urethral irritations and vaginal swelling and soreness. It also helps to prevent cystitis from developing and helps to heal it when it does occur.

In hospitals and nursing homes: It is especially valuable for preventing or healing sores in incontinent patients and bedsores in bedridden patients. Enthusiastically endorsed by local doctors and nurses who have tried it, both for their patients and for themselves!

Try it yourself, and you will become convinced!

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_____ _____ Cost ____ ______ Size _____Shipping __.....____ Totals
__ __ _ 1) $2.00 ___ _ 1/4 oz. jar ____ $2  _________. _ _$ 4.00__
_____ _____ 2) $4.00 ______ 1 oz. jar__ _ _  ______________8.00
_____ _____ 3) $6.00 _____ _2-oz. jar __ _ . 5________ _____ 11.00
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Why so cheap? I discovered this amazing ointment on a trip to England, and then tried to get some more in the US. The only thing I could find was manufactured by homeopathic firms like Boiron, and COST THE EARTH! I want EVERYONE to enjoy the benefits of this astounding healer.
OR GROW YOUR OWN. And, if you want a recipe, ask me!
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