Charlene's page
The Wisdom of Surrender
by Charlene Liberata Therrien
from The Spiral

With so many people expressing their soul abilities these days, (healers, psychics, spiritual counselors) it becomes increasingly important to consider our connection with the Divine. At this time on the planet, in our culture, the opportunities for soul growth on all levels are tremendous. The atmosphere of fear, which has colored most of western history, is relatively minimal. With increasingly larger numbers of advanced souls coming into their power and with communication opportunities developing exponentially,

information abounds. One can use one's power without benefit of Spirit. But other factors entreat us to be discerning about the motives of our actions so that we are looking toward being a catalyst of the truth for others rather than an impediment to it.

In order to use our power responsibly, more and more, we are being asked to mirror the Divine nature, which, among other things completely honors the free will of all creatures. There are two facts to consider about this.

1. The Creator does not intervene with Spirit unless invited because to do so would violate free will.
2. The perspective necessary in order to fully judge any situation or person is not possible in dimensional reality (here on earth). Think about that. In other words, the Creator is the only one who can judge truly and even with that genuine knowledge, he/she never violates free will. So, does this mean I should stand around and do nothing? No. But it does mean that I need to behave in a way that honors the free will of others. If I give what I wish to give when others wish to receive it, there will be no sense of failure, no matter what happens. I can offer what I have and be indifferent to whether others partake of it or not. The word that comes to my mind at this point is surrender.
For many of us who were brought up in orthodox religions, surrender can be a difficult word to accept because we probably have seen it used erroneously to further
someone else's agenda. In my own life I have had many lessons in the meaning of surrender. These experiences have helped me to learn how to be in the world in a healthy way. But surrender, as it relates to the Creator, All That Is, is partly a matter of recognizing and acknowledging the truth of our limited vantage point. That is, there is always much more going on than meets our human eye, physical or intuitive. In taking this into constant consideration, we redefine the word surrender simply to mean 'wisdom'. We offer loving acceptance and allow ourselves to be channels for Divine healing energy in all of its forms when it is appropriate, without any investment in the outcome.
Obviously, this requires of me that I first nurture this attitude toward myself. It requires that I leave off judgments and control, that I ask for that which is perfect in the circumstances even if my desire for a particular outcome is strong, working at putting aside my own notion of what is needed next in order for growth to occur. The cultivation of these changes in habit and attitude involves repetition and error. We practice. There is nothing to attain except in the moment. For myself as a healing practitioner, and as I, too, am a work in progress, a simple prayer of intention is a way to ensure that I hold, as my highest desire, the release of any agenda that I might unknowingly have so that the recipient may be best served.

There is always at our disposal a wisdom that follows from our own wise choice to be at rest and peace. This feminine principle of 'rest and peace' that is so needed in our world is the principle of wisdom in action. People of both genders are learning to practice this in all aspects of their lives. This is not passivity in the way that we usually think of it.

Remaining fully engaged while at rest is an action. Gentle silence is an action. Assuming that the best is possible is an action. Insisting upon asking the Spirit of the Creator for a true perspective is most definitely an action. Feelings and habitual thoughts are the greatest challenges in this process because they can mislead us. Opening to Spirit in my attitude toward myself allows me to feel willing to begin to trust and relax, to be at rest and at peace, knowing that no matter how things look, there is a truth beyond my limited point of view. The more open I become to restful and peaceful living, the more I am a source for others of that energy which nurtures and encourages real growth and joyful self-love.
Charlene is an actively showing local artist and poet who has been teaching drawing and painting, poetry, maskmaking, and playwriting and drama for many years. She enjoys combining media, including music, and delights in encouraging others to lead a "poetic life".
Charlene is a Reiki Master/Teacher with fifteen years experience as a practitioner. She brings her healing abilities and her artistic talent to her work as a Hair Stylist as well. A combination of her paintings and poetry will be shown at the Mandala Center next spring.