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Everyone worries about school violence but no one seems to know what to do about it except to take away even more of the freedom of choice and fun in schools kids once had. I finally decided to collect as many sources as I could find on the subject of school violence. Click here for a summary page. I'll be adding to it as I go along.
Here's an NPR special report on the problem of bullying, which has, until recently, been almost universally ignored by school personnel, but which lies at the root of the problem - at least, in its onsite manifestations.
What can be done about bullying that might have a chance of working, not just making things worse?
Schools are finally beginning to take various steps to deal with the problem, as NPR mentions!
Here's one answer. And here's another. Both excellent ideas!
The Free School in Albany, NY has worked out a wonderful way of peer counseling that Chris (the co-director) calls "The Mumasatou Principle."

This article is taken from his book about the school, Making It Up As We Go Along (Heinemann, 1998). You can also read Chris' amazing article about Mumasatou herself.

But still - the most prevalent current trend in educational policies to eliminate violence has been, alas, to cut out "puff" courses and get kids to buckle down to serious work!
Subjects like music, art and drama have been cut in many, many schools, and "recess" has become a thing of the past. "Testing to standards" is going bananas, and curriculum and success are everything.
Childhood has been reinvented to do away with many of the things kids love most. Boys (especially) are being drugged for being boys.
Normal boyhood - restlessness, rebelliousness, inventiveness, mischief-making, know-it-all bumptiousness, distractability - have in all too many cases been redefined as pathological. Only in America is the school problem so devastating to education. Bullying, gender hatred, contempt for authority, smoking, drug use, the breakup of the family - are all up!
Here is a whole page of articles about the Ritalization of our boys alleged to be suffering from ADHD who are medicated for the treatment of a symptom that no one has yet proved scientifically to be physically-based, real though it obviously is in behavioral terms!

This website offers you a goodly number of alternative educational and lifestyle resources to browse upon. You may look at what a number of schools are doing by clicking on the school links page or read some of the other educational articles depicted on the linking page).

You see, the problem is not lack of know-how for dealing with this painful and frightening issue! We know how to solve it. A mountain of good educational research on the subject of prevention of problems like this one has been accumulating for over a century. The real problem is mounting the will to implement what we know.
How can we change this pattern? Look at what some schools know and practice! We've included a lot of website facsmile pages for you to explore. Each of them has a unique contribution to make to the storehouse of information about successful learning and happy students.
Look at the descriptions; read the articles; get in touch and find out how you can join the information network for the prevention of school violence and the promotion of real education.
And ... especially ... look at their actual websites by clicking on the hyperlinks at the top of each facsimile page and learn how you can get in touch with them.
we must begin with the children!
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Why did I originally want to call it "earth circles"?

... And what will I find about the earth on this site?

When we try to ignore the effect of the degradation of our environment, we do so at our peril! In this context, the word "circles" referred to the earth as the beautiful symmetry of naturally occurring patterns brought into our human world as social and biological beings.

.... Remember the canary in the coal mine ....

The circularity of our globe reflects the unforgettable images of earth circles like the ones on Chris Hardaker's website dedicated to Native American Earth Geometry and English Crop Circles - and Kathleen Jenks' breathtakingly beautiful site she calls "Mything Links," dedicated to many, many sacred places all around the earth - mountains, wells, caves, mounds, pools, lakes and other sites honored throughout the ages as places of sacred significance!

This model of living with awareness invites us to begin looking more deeply at what we need to learn in order to broaden our personal scope as human beings - personally, morally, aesthetically, spiritually - and to discover how we can begin to make changes to help bring our world into a state of more balance and harmony.

It addresses the need to think deeply about what we need in order to make such changes. This is the work of a lifetime! And it is a journey which starts with the children. I have a profound sense of what we lack AND what we need to redress the balance of life on our planet! But I'm only one person with one point of view! If you're interested in my ideas here, click on the red arrow (and I'll link you back here): ..


This new era, this new millennium, calls out for us to look at new ways of relating to our lives and to the lives of others. This website is one place where you may find ideas of how to do that. You'll find a wide variety of provocative facsimile pages representing the wide spectrum of choices offered on the web. They are offered here to acquaint you with a few of the marvelous, creative people who want the same things we do!

Read more, think about it, contact us if you think it might help, but above all, look at how you can make your own unique contribution to the process. Our human task has been described through the millennia as "squaring the circle," where the circle represents the transcendent universal, based on infinity, and the square represents the human dimension, the measurable. Thus, the process is one of bringing the infinite, the transcendent, down to earth, of finding and adding-in the tiny facets of spirituality that move us in a direction away from flat-footed literalness and toward a more universal, spiritual outlook. 
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