Here's a copy of an e-mail message about my website which I received in mid-May, 2004:


I became aware of your web site by a lady sharing your URL with a group bulletin board at

I came to view some of your books on reincarnation , written by another lady that did studies on children's memories of past lives. and then also of a doctor who did scientific studies on thousands of children as well, with well documented data on children's memories of past lives.
... how our western civilization literally keeps the subject of reincarnation almost a legal TABOO for society as a whole, how people from eastern countries, such as India are more open to the concepts of reincarnation, having a person achieve inner growth and true potential.
Your site led me from one page to another, and i found that i was not just looking for the books on children and their memories of past lives, but that your site was speaking to truths within me, that seem to talk to my soul, your words spoke of things that i think about and know about, yet as one lady stated , how our society does not accept the thoughts that we think or dare to know as truth.
I applauded your site, your vision.
I think your site and your subjects are awesome and much needed! God bless the work and the vision you have!
Best regards,
Anahkah ,
a new friend of a friend from
I wrote back:
Dear Anakah,
Well, much, much thanks for your affectionate, supportive message about my website, which has become the love of my life as an octogenarian!
It give me great joy to discover that one person - a member of an interesting group, which I shall explore - has received it so fully! Yes, you are perfectly right in grouping all of these elements into one all-encompassing issue or subject heading! They are inextricably intertwined, because, as you say, of the taboos of western society and its religious strictures. It is my belief that education is the key to reversing this fatal mistake! I still vacillate between the Emperors Constantine and Justinian (whose Empress got him to ban reincarnation as a doctrine) as to which was the more damaging to our understanding of the nature of reality.
Did you happen on my "dowsing page" detailing the visits I made to many holy places looking for "aliveness" of the spirit? I got fascinating results! You can access it from the "Pages" link on my home page.
Thanks again for your encouragement.