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Alternative Educational Topics home page - a summary page of all the educational topics depicted on this website
Alternative Schoolsites with hyperlinks to many such school websites
Articles about alternative education
Books about alternative education
Bookstore, a listing and where and how you can order educational books not to be found elsewhere
Chris Mercogliano's History of the Albany Free School
Educational programs, resources, organizations
Exceptional teachers
Homeschooling commentary page
A comprehensive index of the contents of the entire 13 years
of publication of SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education is available on request. Contact me at
Educational Publications
Reviews of books on education
A New Model for Schooling page (quotations from John Taylor Gatto, Albert Lamb, Chris Mercogliano)
Other Links:
Articles (other than educational articles above)
Bookstore - not just educational offerings - a complete listing, and how to order
Bryn Mawr page, for alumnae who'd like to get to know others grads from earlier classes
Down-to-Earth Books, a history of this little desktop publishing company
Journal for Living - a dynamic, amazingly long-lived journal with a broad range of .both nourishing and stimulating topics under its belt, and still going strong in 2003!
Fun pages (look especially at the Harry Potter page!)
Other websites, a page of hyperlinks for many, many sites, for people who need information or contact but don't have time to look at the facsimile pages offered here.
Reviews of ed and non-ed books on a wide variety of topics
Spirit page - a wide variety of contacts with amazing people and places
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