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The Daisy Sutra
conversations with my dog
by Helen Weaver
illustrated by Alan McKnight
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From Helen Weaver's website:

Welcome to my website!

It is with great joy that I offer you my book, The Daisy Sutra: Conversations with my Dog,  written with the help of Daisy, my beloved spirit dog and muse.

Two years ago, when Daisy was very old, I started writing the story of her life. The thought of losing her was bad enough; the thought of losing my memories of her was unbearable.

As her health failed, I was faced with an agonizing decision. Was it time to help her die, or should I let her do it on her own? Was I being selfish in keeping her alive because I couldn't bear to let her go? Or would I be "putting her down" for my own sake , because her care had become so difficult? How could I be sure I would do the right thing? What would Daisy have to say about this, if she could speak?

It was at this moment, on the advice of a friend that, racked with grief and guilt, I picked up the phone and called an animal communicator.

Thus began an adventure that gradually took me from a place of grief and loss to a place of gratitude and light. For I, who began life as a skeptic, learned not only that you can talk to the animals, and they can talk to you (and are eager to do so!), but that animals have a deep wisdom to impart, and a spiritual essence that survives death. Not only did I find out how Daisy felt about things; I learned that she would never leave me.

Painful as it was to lose her physical form, Daisy's death brought me a great gift: the discovery of animal communication. Her death was a doorway into a whole new world, a world in which we humans are no longer so alone.

The solace and inspiration I received from my sessions with three animal communicators - Gail De Sciose, Ginny Debbink, and Karen Beth&endash;motivated me to turn my scribbled notes into a book. And two years later, here it is!

A word about the title: The word "sutra" (pronounced soo-tra) is Sanskrit for "a thread on which jewels are strung," but it can also mean "a collection of wise sayings." More than a memoir, The Daisy Sutra contains the words of wisdom of this little dog who was, and still is, my teacher.

The Daisy Sutra is illustrated with twenty-five pen and ink drawings by artist Alan McKnight. It includes an interview with animal communicator Gail De Sciose, a special message to skeptics, and a list of recommended resources.

As of April 11, The Daisy Sutra is officially published, and may be ordered from your friendly independent bookstore or by calling 1-800-431-1579 with your credit card. Or send a check for $14.95 plus $3 shipping to Buddha Rock Press, PO Box 736, Woodstock, NY 12498 (New York state residents add appropriate state and local Sales Tax).

As a special favor to my online customers, I will contiunue to sign your copies to the name or names of the people or animals of your choice. To order your signed copies go to and click on the order form. _____________________________________

Click here for a review of Helen's wonderful, inspiring book.

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