Deschooling our Lives
by Matt Hern
From the back cover:
Deschooling our Lives is a terrific overview of the things people are doing instead of sending their children to conventional schools. Most importantly, it is a collection of electrifying essays which challenge our assumptions about education. Read this book to see how you can live and learn with your schildren without committing them to a twelve-year sentence of schooling.

-- Pat Farenga, president of John Holt Associates of Growing Without Schooling and publisher of Growing Without Schooling magazine


Deschooling our Lives is an empowering smorgasbord of key ideas and voices in the unschooling movement. How wonderful to have so much, all in the same book! Applause to Matt Hern for this radically sane, wisely assembled collecftion.

--Grace Llewellyn, author of The Teenage Liberation Handbook


In a dark hour some day when your spirits are flagging and you struggle to understand what it is you resist when you resist being schooled, let the twenty-four voices of Deschooling our Lives put steel in your backbone and give you courage to say, once more, dear friends, once more into the breach!

--John Taylor Gatto, author of the best-selling Dumbing Us Down



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