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Challenging The Giant, volumes I - IV, a set of paperback-bound
anthologies of the best of SKOLE, $14.95 each plus $2.00 shipping and handling
or all four for $50, plus $5 shipping and handling. 500 pages (plus or minus)
each volume, qpb. Click here for reviews of volumes II and IV
SONGS FOR AN EARTH FAMILY: Poems of the Free School Community, volume II, $10.95 plus $2 shipping.
THE FLYING BIRD BRINGS THE MESSAGE, Lessons from Life. $12.95 plue $2 shipping.
INDIA JOURNAL, a Pilgimage toward the Self. $10.95 plus $2 shipping.
volume 1, Looking for the Self in Family and Society. $8.95
volume 2, Finding the Self in School and Community. $8.95
Each volume plus $2 shipping. Or, both volumes for $15 plue $3 shipping.
RUSHING TO EVA, a Pilgrimage in Search of the Great Mother. $12.95 plus $2 shipping.
SKOLE, THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE EDUCATION, Mary M. Leue, editor: ... articles, editorials, poetry, and images from the alternative education movement, now available only in back issues and in anthology form - four volumes of Challenging the Giant, the Best of SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education (above). Past issues available, $4 each, plus $2 shipping. Click here for John Potter's review.
THE WORLD'S GOIN' TO END AT LOONCHTIME, Poems of the Free School Community, volume I, $10.95 plus $2 shipping.
To order back Issues of SKOLE, Challenging the Giant, Chris' book and other books from our on-line bookstore:

Click here to view. To order, write or call:

Down-to-Earth Books c/o Mary Leue
P.O. Box 488 Ashfield, MA 01330
(413) 628-0227

Back issues of SKOLE cost $4 per issue. Please add $2 shipping for the first issue, 50 cents each additional issue.

MAKING IT UP AS WE GO ALONG costs $17.95 plus $2.00 shipping. Click here to view a review of Chris' book, or here for two other reviews.

CHALLENGING THE GIANT costs $14.95 for each of the four volumes (pb, 500+ pages each plus shipping $2.00 - or $40.00 for all four plus shipping $5.00).

RUSHING TO EVA, a Pilgrimage in Search of the Great Mother. $14.95 plus $2 shipping. Click here to read a wonderful review of the book, or here to read a selected excerpt.

If you order by phone or e-mail, please be sure to include your mailing address and a daytime telephone number so that we may contact you to arrange for payment. We do not have credit card capability - YET! Stay in touch ... we will have it in the long run! Thanks for your patience!

As an on-line bookstore,
we have an annotated catalogue of books on a wide variety of topics - including SKOLE and Making It Up As We Go Along - and several more provocative books on alternative learning and lifestyles - which you may sample by clicking here to view currently available titles. We also offer below several publications with which we have been personally associated (although we did not publish them), including:
MAKING IT UP AS WE GO ALONG, the Story of the Albany Free School by Chris Mercogliano. This one is published by Heinemann, but it's about our school, so we chose to list it here. Click here to go to more info and a review of Chris' book. See below for details on how to order from Down-to-Earth Books.

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