Real Schools -
In Their Own Words
Edited by Mary M. Leue
Down-to-Earth Books - $12.95

From the back cover:

"This marvelous volume is packed with fascinating essays and reminiscences by many of the most passionate and radical educators of our generation.

In their intimate descriptions of democratic schools, we see how a truly progressive and person-centered education builds community and changes lives. It will be hard to settle for a conventional school after reading this book and seeing what is possible."

Ron Miller, Ph.D, Goddard College
Author of Free Schools, Free People: Education  and Democracy After the 1960s

It is important to be able to recognize a gem when you see it. And you have to know where to go to find them. Mary Leue's new book, "Real Schools - In Their Own Words," is such  a gem. Mary's publications are always low profile and hard to find. But for those who know them, they provide a texture and context which is important, even crucial for us to understand if we are to create educational environments which will truly serve our children.

This book touches upon 27 schools that have something unique about them. They vary greatly in location, time and mode of operation. They have in common a respect and understanding of children that is sorely needed for all children today.

Jerry Mintz, Director
Alternative Education Resource Organization
From John Taylor Gatto:
Your new book, Real Schools arrived today in the usual sack of mail which I pushed aside to begin reading RS. It's a lovely book, Mary, and useful as a hammer - it's a keeper, for sure. Congratulations! - and may the Roman Catholig God (and all the others) bless you.... Much love,
John (Gatto)

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