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WHO'S COUNTING? Marilyn Waring on Sex. Lies and Global Economics - Bullfrog Films - A great video with both humor and truth from Marilyn, who became a pioneering MP in Australia in order to have an impact on what needs to happen on our troubled earth! - $10 plus $2 shipping.
THE WALDORF PROMISE - a beautifully-put-together essay on the most human face of education you'll ever see! This is an account of the teachers, children, classrooms, educators, the purpose and philosophy of the training - but especially the actual classrooms and the sweetness of the connections between teacher and children - this is a story you won't easily forget, especially in hard educational times like these for kids and families! If you are a teacher, or hope to become one, click here for a special scholarship offer to train at one of the Steiner colleges in the US. $20.00 plus $2 shipping.
THE WALDORF PROMISE Two - New Hope for At-risk Youth. This is the second in a new Waldorf Educational Series by Landfall Productions, and fills in the gaps not covered by the DVD. With these two media, you have all you need to start a summer teacher training program in your own educational system or school. But send someone to Rudolph Steiner College first to take the hands-on training they offer! Then she/he can train the others. P.S., don't forget the scholarship! $25 plus shipping.
YELLOW BRAND BIODIESEL - produced by Jory Hearst and Lauren Jorgensen and narrated by Tom Leue,this video tape includes the origins of biodiesel fuel, the history of Tom's production of biodiesel, a guided tour of the plant and an explanation of how the fuel is made. Click on the tape image (above left) if you wish to view the fact ory online. $10 plus shipping $2.
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