Education for Healing the Earth
and her creatures
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This amazing GREENBELT movement in Kenya, spearheaded by a gutsy lady agronomist named Wangari Maathai, has been staggeringly simple and equally staggeringly successful in activating women in rural Kenya to plant and cultivate young trees, thereby restoring shade for grass, animals and crops to grow, and moving on from there to the freeing up of local waterways - and from there to fundamental challenges of the corrupt government which had been keeping their people in poverty and want, and devasting the land itself! Maathai was recently awarded a Nobel Peace Prize! The movement has since spread to other equally devastated people and lands like Haiti and Guatemala!

Learn about the work being done by HEIFER INTERNATIONAL all over the world to end world hunger, to bring about prosperity and peace to rural families and their regions of the earth. This is a program that INVITES you to join in, to learn how, to visit, to give on a small scale that pays big dividends.


OUR COMMUNITY PLACE, an amazing group of people in Harrisonburg, VA who are manifesting love in action! Read about their LITTLE GRILL COLLECTIVE, meet some of the members, visit their website, buy the amazingly entertaining and informative DVD a nearby group of videography students from Southeastern Mennonite University have made of the Grill Live in all its grassroots splendor and funkiness!


The chimpanzee lady is profoundly worried about the survival of chimps in the wild, because of the "flesh trade" sales of young chimps to foreign zoos - but also because of the killing of even more chimps for food! She also conducts a project to teach young people about their world which she calls Roots and Shoots.

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Autistic COW LADY, Temple Grandin, has some very profound things to say about life. Read chapter Eleven from her book, Thinking in Pictures. She writes about her life as an autistic person who has learned her intuitive affinity with the feelings of cattle - and has single-handedly brought about many much-needed reforms in the cattle industry - and has learned profound self-acceptance and an equally profound philosophy of life on earth.

Three world leaders speak about the endangered yet still hopeful state of our planet, our world. From three unique perspectives such words of wisdom need to be paid close attention by the rest of us:

Vaclav Havel

Kofi Annan

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Do write and let us know about any other grassroots projects for teaching and restoring peace and prosperity among lands and peoples of the earth that I haven't yet learned about! And you might consider starting a blog in your own community for spreading the word at home! I did. Write me about yours,