Manifestations of Spirit on Earth

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*Children's Past Lives, by Carol Bowman, a review by Ellen Becker. Bowman speaks as a mother whose learning how to support her son has also brought her experience and understanding of this hitherto esoteric realm involving the nature of childhood, as well as a welcome closeness to her own children. (This review may be seen on this website).
Dowsing pages - from Rushing to Eva, Also click here to read a wonderful review of Rushing to Eva by Anne Mossop.
Earthwalk - a site dedicated to honoring the gifted children who are appearing among us with increasing frequency.
Gan Eydn, a Center for Yiddish language and music and Jewish art in western Mass.
*Glastonbury, the Isle of Avalon - and also an account of a near catastrophe on the Tor. from Rushing to Eva, a Pilgrimage in Search of the Great Mother. Also click here to read a wonderful review of Rushing to Eva by Anne Mossop.
*The Goddess Within, by Jennifer Barker and Roger Woolger - also click here for a review by Ellen Becker of this fascinating book, and here for chapter seven.
The Indigo Children Website: a page describing and explaining "the new children" - sometimes seen as "problem" children, often Ritalinized in school for lack of conforrmity.
Healing our Shame, by Shapherd Summerjoy, channeling Michael
In the Hands of Alchemy - Marilyn Strong and Jerry Wennstrom
Jesus page - a collection of significant sources of information and validation concerning the life and mission of the man we know as Jesus Christ.
Juice - a collection of fascinating websites.
Iona to Uig - a trip to Scotland in 1984 with a struggle to reach the sacred isle of Iona and the equally sacred site on the Island of Lewis called Callanish! From Rushing to Eva - Scotland
Knossos. Here is an account of a strange encounter with the terrifying religious practices of the Age of Taurus, if one's sensibilities are any guide. From Rushing to Eva - The Palace of King Minos.
The Lamed-Vovniks, A moving chapter taken from a story by that name based on the myth of the thirty-six just men (the numbers thirty and six, or lamed vov, in the Hebrew alphabetical numbering system) who are said to keep our world from destruction. 
Labyrinth - a lengthy essay I wrote in the 70s struggling to give voice to the true nature of life and death in general, as I was experiencing it - and of my own life and death in particular.
Mettawee, Ralph Lee's awesome story presenters, enhanced by puppets and masks!
*Montsegur (from Rushing to Eve, a Pilgrimage in Search of the Great Mother): a visit to the chateau in 1984 and a past life as a Cathar - death by fire at Montsegur), by Mary M. Leue
Names of the Goddess (from Rushing to Eve, a Pilgrimage in Search of the Great Mother): Appendix I
*Other Lives, Other Selves, by Roger Woolger, also a review of this book. See also Roger's website offering Regression (which includes Past Life Therapy) Therapy and training - plus Eternal Return, 3 tapes on Past Lives regression: lecture, exercises.
Our Community Place, an amazing group of people in Harrisonburg, VA who are manifesting love in action!
A Radical Ecumenism - Based Upon Reexamination of the "Lost Years" Evidence: by James W. Deardorff, Oregon State University, his website detailing his evidence for the historical Jesus. 
Near Death as Source of Affirmation of Life - a fascinating article by Kevin Williams which he describes as "How I converted from a life as a party animal to a follower of Jesus" - a trip which took him into and out of Christian Fundamentalism to a reasoned belief in rebirth.
* Saving the Savior, a new book eloquently and passionately written by the author of the "The Tomb of Jesus Christ" website listed below and based on the same sources - and more. See also a review of this extraordinary book, which you may purchase from our bookstore.
*A Search for the Historical Jesus - From Apocryphical, Buddhist, Islamic and Sanskrit Sources, by Professor Fida Hassnain, reviewed by Chris Mercogliano.
The Tomb of Jesus Christ website: A scholarly yet tenderly moving overview of information and evidence from a wide variety of sources on the historical reality of the life and death of Jesus Christ and his burial site in Srinagar, Kashmir. There is now a wonderful. equally eloquent book, Saving the Savior, written by this same scholar (see above) based on these same sources - and more. You may also purchase this book now from our bookstore. 
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