for highly aware children and families
Welcome to EarthWalk. 
We are parents, healers and teachers joining together to provide support and inspiration for highly aware children and their families. We are dedicated to ensuring these children learn that --
They belong here. They are not alone. They have love and guidance when needed. Their presence makes a difference in the world. They are deeply connected to one another. They can trust themselves. They are a treasured gift to humanity.
Is my child highly aware
"Our children blossom and breathe, open and shine, in the presence of one another. They are manifesting heaven on earth as they dance and play." --Valerie Thea Vandermeer, EarthWalk Founder
"Love them… and tell them that they belong here"  --
four year old child's response to the question, 'How can we help these children?'
Join us for the EarthWalk Retreat May 30th - June 1st!
And. from Valerie herself:
My name is Valerie Thea Vandermeer and I am mom to a highly intuitive and magical five year old girl. I recently founded EarthWalk to provide guidance, support and retreats for "highly aware" children and families. We are trying to get the word out to families who may be in need of our services.
Would you please take a moment to look at our website and consider featuring us on your webpage or passing our info on to families you might now? A brief description of EarthWalk follows the signature below.
With much gratitude and appreciation for the work we all do to help humanity,
Valerie (Valerie Thea Vandermeer)
EarthWalk provides support, guidance and programs for "highly aware" children and families to better understand and appreciate their multi-sensory and multi-dimensional abilities and to learn practical tools to live with wholeness, harmony and joy. EarthWalk helps highly aware children embrace their path of being in a body, walking on this earth, now.
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