Echoing Green awards two-year fellowships to emerging social innovators. Annually, we award Fellowships to individuals with innovative ideas for creating new models for tackling seemingly unsolvable social challenges. These Fellowships offer them the opportunity to develop and test their ideas.
This is not a scholarship program. Our Fellows do not develop their ideas in an academic setting. Our Fellows work in the community. They launch, manage and grow organizations that implement and continually expand their ideas for creating lasting social change.
Individual Fellowships: $30,000 per year for two years for a total of $60,000 paid in four equal installments of $15,000. Partnership Fellowships: $45,000 per year (per project, not per individual) for two years for a total of $90,000 paid in four equal installments of $22,500.
Fellowship stipends are paid twice a year. In addition to the two-year stipend, Echoing Green also offers a monthly stipend for health insurance. Echoing Green provides our fellows a range of support through a variety of media including the Internet, conferences, site visits and phone contact.
We offer guidance in strategic and financial planning, staff and board development, fundraising, legal and accounting practices and many other aspects of starting and building a non-profit organization. During the two year Fellowship period, Echoing Green will host three Fellowship conferences. At the conference we also offer educational workshops and access to Echoing Green Fellows, program alumni and other experts in the field.
The fellows develop ambitious and measurable first year objectives. Throughout their fellowship, they provide regular reports to the foundation and track their progress against their objectives, refining their objectives as appropriate.
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Since 1987, Echoing Green has invested in visionary leaders and their innovative strategies for social change.  From Nepal to New York City, Echoing Green Fellows are developing solutions to deeply-rooted societal problems.  Armed with resourcefulness and drive, these social entrepreneurs are taking bold steps by building organizations that implement untested new ideas to create positive change. Often leaving stable jobs or creating roles where there is a void, Echoing Green Fellows are living examples that change is possible. Read on about what makes our fellows tick, why they changed professions, their theory of change, and what results they hope to see.
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Social change work is often lonely and arduous.  Echoing Green's vibrant community of social entreprenurs is an imperitive resource for our fellows and our larger community.  In this section, we offer various ways for you to meet, talk with and learn from like-minded leaders:
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