Eligibility Criteria

Applicants who meet the following criteria are eligible for consideration for an Echoing Green Fellowship:

The following organizations or projects are not eligible for consideration for an Echoing Green fellowship:
Plans for the expansion of an existing project.
Plans for research projects.
Plans for lobbying activities.
Plans for faith-based initiatives.
Recipients of prior Echoing Green funding.
Common Reasons Applications Are Deemed "Non-Competitive"
The application process for the Echoing Green Fellowship program is highly competitive.  In 2002, we received 1,100 applications and awarded 19 fellowships; in 2003 we received almost 900 applications for 12 fellowships.  We employ a rigorous evaluation process and carefully review every application we receive.  Applicants are evaluated against our funding criteria as well as against their peers. The following are the most commonly cited reasons for designating an application as "non-competitive."