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Apocalypse? - fire and ice: is this the way the world ends? Read Robert Frost on that question. Also a page on volcanoes and winter blizzards - in the hills of New England and elsewhere
Articles on a variety of topics, sacred, profane, esoteric, personal
Biodiesel fuel for cars - a whole group of sites dedicated to biodiesel production, use and research. The underlined link is to a facsimile of my son Tom's website outlining process he is developing the process of producing this non-polluting fuel, glad to correspond with others about his adventures and discoveries. Click here for a description of a new video (July 3rd, 03) created for Tom by fellow biodiesel enthusiasts Jory Hearst and Lauren Jorgensen which we are offering for $19.95 plus shipping.
Bookstore not just educational offerings - a complete listing, and how to order.
Down-to-Earth Books, a history of this little desktop publishing company
Fun pages (look especially at the Harry Potter page!)
Reviews of (non-ed) books on a wide variety of topics
Spiritual Education Page - a hybrid summary page that belongs on BOTH educational and non-educational linking pages.
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 Neat websites: a page of hyperlinks for many, many sites, for people who need information or contact but don't have time to look at the facsimile pages offered here.
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