Alternative Educational Programs,

Resources and Organizations
Children of the New Earth website: Children of the New Earth Online magazine is a brand new, one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge publication devoted exclusively to the evolving needs of today's new generation of Indigo kids and Crystal children.
EdRev (Formerly AERO, the Alternative Education Resource Organization), an all-purpose resource web page and a newsletter, Ed Rev, which also publishes an almanac of alternative schools and other resources. Click here for more information.
EdRev's Other Alternative Education sites. Many fascinating resources to browse on!
Educational Heretics, Roland Meighan's UK website and press
Emotional Literacy Education - emotional literacy education and self-knowledge: how to make the world a better place - Mark Zimmerman's website
Encompass, Ba Luvmour's authentic education and conscious parenting site
Folk and People's Education Association of America Institutes
The Froebel Web; The Froebel Fund; the Froebel Gallery:
About Friedrich Froebel's philosophy of education for the very young - the kindergarten concept; also resources for books and materials; a site where donations to the Froebel Fund may be sent to support worldwide lifelong learning
The Froebel Foundation: (the other Froebelian organization)
The Life of Froebel - contact for the website
Charged by a reader with being truly unkind toward Froebel, John Taylor Gatto offers a restatement of his position on Froebel's life, work and philosophy
An impassioned rebuttal of John's historical data by Scott Bultman, one of Froebel's followers from the Freubel Foundation; also his statement about the source of the rivalry between the two groups over inheriting his mantle
Review of a story about a young woman who became a Froebelian kindergarten teascher, by Connie Frisbee-Houde, from SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education - interesting as a commentary on what too often happens to wonderful, humanistic educational programs in the hands of bureaucratic politicians who determine the reality of educational practices within the teaching profession.
Indigo Children website - all about the "new kids" our schools love so well to dose up on drugs
Home's Cool, A to Z - a homeschooling resources website
Online Kids' page - where young kids can learn web design and mastery,the easy way, if they really want it and can convince me it is real.
Our Community Place - a truly amazing project in Harrisonburg, VA, that is being organized, funded, and put together by a group of folks who have learned about the powers of community by associating with, eating with, playing with the people who run THE LITTLE GRILL. You really gotta see this to believe it! You may be too rationalistic to believe this, but I gotta tell you, THIS IS A MIRACLE ON EARTH!!!
MAAP page - Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs
The Natural Child Project - a great website with lots of articles on child-rearing
NCACS page - the National Coalition of Alternative Community Schools
North Star, Ken Danford's splendid Teen Center in Hadley, Massachusetts
Paths of Learning Resource Center, created by Robin Martin
Paths Page, created by Robin Martin
Prison Resistance Movement page
Saori Handweaving of New England, a creative weaving style for everyone, imported from Japan by Mihoko Mayabayashi and Nat Needle
School of Metaphysics home page - Education for the Third Millennium
I forget what this stands for. Something censored, I think. Click on it anyway, and find out. Well, not find out exactly. But look anyway.
"Spirit of Learning" conference on Kawai, Hawaii - a report from Jerry Mintz
Teaching Classics to the Homeless, a Bard College-supported program for real teaching that works!
The Touchstone Center for Children, Richard Lewis' marvelous program in New York City for helping kids and teachers remember their creativity
Yehudah Fine, The "Times Square Rabbi," protector of teens, reaches out to all of us for understanding and participation
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