Educational/Lifestyle Publications
Challenging the Giant, the cover image: anthology taken from the journal SKOLE; click here for reviews of all four volumes - available from Down-to-Earth Books. Contact Mary Leue at call 413-628-0227.
Great Ideas in Education, an annotated catalogue of books on Educational Research, Reform and Alternatives
Educational Heretics Press, a research, writing and publishing company founded in 1991 by Roland and Janet Meighan. Its purpose is to question the dogmas of schooling in particular, and education in general, and to develop the logistics of the next learning system.
Journal For Living (formerly the "Journal of Family Life") 1999 covers of a great zine with nutritive stuff for families that won't make you gag - now online only.
Journal For Living: JFL covers and contents for 2000-01: issues on Love, Kids on the Edge - Issues that Challenge our Youth.
LibEd, an English Libertarian Education publication.
Paths of Learning, Options for Families & Communities: a great alternative education quarterly magazine.
Paths of Learning Resource Center Newsletter by Robin Martin.
SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education, reviewed by John Potter. Back issues are still available from Down-to-Earth Books. Contact Mary Leue at
The Sun magazine, human aliveness between covers.
The Underground History of Education, by John Taylor Gatto. Click here for a review by Mary Leue of a previous edition John called "The Empty Child."