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  Reviews of Alternative Educational Books (et al)
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A Free- Range Childhood: Self-Regulation at Summerhill School, by Matthew Appleton, former Summerhill House Parent, review from the back cover summary
Challenging the Giant, volumes I, II, III and IV, Mary M. Leue, editor: ..Reviewed by Claudia Berman (vols. I, II), author of The School Around Us, science writer, and by Emanuel Pariser (vols. III, IV), teacher and co-founder of the Community School, in Camden, Maine.   
 Changing Lives, Voices from a School that Works, by Jane Day, University Press of America, 1994, reviewed by Mary Leue. Available from The Community School, Box 555, Camden, Maine 04843: School's website at
Deschooling our Lives, by Matt Hern - Foreword by Ivan Illich - "an overview of all the things people are doing instead of sending their children to public schools"
 How Like An Angel Came I Down, Conversations with Children on the Gospels, by A. Bronson Alcott. Introduction and edited by Alice O. Howell, Lindisfarne Press, 1991, reviewed by Mary M. Leue
 A Life in School - What the Teacher Learned - by Jane Tompkins, Duke University professor, reviewed by Mary Leue.  
  Living by Wonder, the Imaginative Life of Childhood, by Richard Lewis, Founder of The Touchstone Center in New York, reviewed by Chris Mercogliano. See his website at or view a facsimile page here. 
 Making It Up As We Go Along - The Story of the Albany Free School by Chris Mercogliano, reviewed by Herb Kohl. Reviewed by Joseph Chilton Pearce; David Ruentzel, Teacher magazine.  
May You Never Stop Dancing - A Professor's Letters to his Daughter, by John D. Lawry, Marymount College, reviewed by Mary M. Leue 
My Life as a Traveling Homeschooler - by Jenifer Goldman
No Master High or Low - Libertarian Education in Britain 1890 to 1990, by John Shotton, reviewed by Robin Martin. 
Real Education, by David Gribble (co-founder and longtime member of the Sands School in England) - the author's personal account of schools in many countries, reviewed by Robin Martin. 
SKOLE (SKOLE), the Journal of Alternative Education, reviewed by John Potter. All back issues and reprints of articles available. 
Summerhill School, A New View of Childhood, by A.S. Neill, edited by Albert Lamb, reviewed by Chris Mercogliano 
The Underground History of American Education, by John Taylor Gatto, a review by Mary M. Leue of the precursor to the Underground History of American Education, The Empty Child). \\\
Note: also click here for a link to a web page for John's book, The Underground History of American Education, which also features his forthcoming film, The Fourth Purpose.  See also the Gatto page, with articles from three of John's books and nine additional articles, reviews and letters to the editor - all from SKOLE, where they originally appeared.
What Are Schools For? by Ron Miller, editor of Holistic Education Review, founder of "Great Ideas in Education. The review includes the reactions of educators to this important educational study. 
Books reviewed here but not available from Down-to-Earth Books: 
Amazing Grace, by Jonathan Kozol, reviewed by Mary Leue. 
 Compulsory Education and Human Learning, The Moral Failure of Public Education in America and Japan, by Dayle Bethel, ed. Reviewed by Chris Mercogliano 
Dumbing Us Down, by John Taylor Gatto, reviewed by Ron Miller
Holistic Education - an Analysis of its Ideas, by Scott Forbes
Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman, Reviewed by Chris Mercogliano 
The Growth of the Mind, by Stanley I. Greenspan, reviews by two discerning customers of an important eye-opening survey of current brain research!
Indigo Children: a book describing and explaining "the new children" - sometimes seen as "problem" children, often Ritalinized in school for lack of conformity..
The Modern School, by Paul Avrich - a review by Chris Mercogliano of this pre-Summerhill anarchist school movement in Spain and the USA. 
Reviews of books on other (non-school-related) topics

Daisy Sutra, conversations with my dog, by Helen Weaver - a heart-warming account by the author of a profound relationship with her dog Daisy and the equally profound implications of what she shares about that relationship. Click the title for more information and here for the review.

Other Lives, Other Selves - A Jungian Psychotherapist Discovers Past Lives, by Roger Woolger, PhD. 
Saving the Savior - by Abubakr Salahuddin - Click the title for more information and here for reviews.
A Search for the Historical Jesus - From Apocryphal, Buddhist, Islamic 
and Sanskrit Sources - by Professor Fida Hassnain - Reviewed by Chris Mercogliano.
Songs for an Earth Family - A second volume of poems written over several years by members of The Free School community.
The World's Goin' to End at Loonchtime - Volume one of the community's poems.
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