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This page is primarily focused on learning which may be discovered more indirectly in readings, experiences, understandings and explorations not often classified as learning centers. Some of the links refer to personal explorations or philosophies which reflect the learnings of their creators. Others reflect more institutionalized reflections of many kinds.

If you find any of these references of value, I'd love to hear from you. My e-mail address is at the bottom of the page.

The terms "spiritual" and "religious" are by no means synonymous. Of course, the scope of the "spiritual" may range anywhere from guru-discipleship to an atmosphere of caritas of the kind that often forms the core of many non-religious schools - especially Waldorf or Montessori schools - but also in some alternative and/or private schools. This is the kind of spiritual atmosphere that is based on providing children with what such organizations see as essential to full growth and personhood. This page is about teaching in a fashion that may hopefully enhance our ability to remember to

... in the classroom, by John D. Lawry, PhD, a tender article about hthe healing power of caring when the teacher cares enough, dares enough, to love them!

charlenespage.htmCharlene calls herself a spiritual "work in progress" - and offers warm, gentle, wise words of hope, comfort and counsel.


From Daria - a lady who sends me the most amazingly wise, funny, poignant, TRUE stuff all the time on the web! I think she may be an angel, but ssh, don't tell anyone! Anyhow, she's gotta be on this page!


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A Radical Ecumenism Based Upon Reexamination of the "Lost Years" Evidence, by James W. Deardorff, Oregon State University- his website detailing his evidence for the life of the historical Jesus.


Earthwalk - a site dedicated to honoring the gifted children who are appearing among us with increasing frequency.


Emissary of Light, a secret society in the mountains of Bosnia, said to have existed for thousands of years, according to Peace Troubadour James Twyman


Gan Eydn, a Center for Yiddish language and music and Jewish art in western Mass.


The Indigo Children Website: a page describing and explaining "the new children" - sometimes seen as "problem" children, often Ritalinized in school for lack of conforrmity. 


The Lamed-Vovniks, the thirty-six just men who are said, according to Jewish tradition, to keep our world from destruction. Long may they live.


Mettawee, Ralph Lee's awesome story presenters, enhanced by puppets and masks!


Chapter One, "A Skeptic Encounters Past Lives," from Other Lives, Other Selves, by Roger Woolger.
Our Community Place, an amazing group of people in Harrisonburg, VA who are manifesting love in action!


Children's Past Lives - How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child , by Carol Bowman, reviewed by Ellen Becker. Bowman speaks as a mother whose learning how to support her son has also brought her experience and understanding of this hitherto esoteric realm involving the nature of childhood, as well as a welcome closeness to her own children.
seeds of solidarity - an inspiring, heart-centered farm and teaching center run by Deb Habib and Ricky Baruc in Orange, Massachusetts. They have a garlic festival every fall, use solar energy, also biodiesel fuel in their trucks and farm equipment, support local ecological initiatives, teach others to do likewise.
Sun magazine - A totally unique periodical which celebrates the human spirit, and invites its readers to join the celebration!


Yehudah, Called "The Times Square Rabbi," protector of lost children, offers us his spiritual "cookbook" and other nuggets of wisdom! 

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