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A Magazine of Ideas

 Unfortunately, you're not likely to find The Sun at your regular newsstand. Many distributors won't carry it because it's not "commercial" enough: we don't carry advertising; and we regularly print pieces that are too risky, too personal, too sad, too something. Yet somehow the magazine finds its way into the right hands; readers who appreciate writing that doesn't talk down to them or up to them, but meets their level gaze.

    The Sun isn't "literary" or "political" or "spiritual" in the usual sense. It begins where those labels end, which is where life gets interesting. Each month, in essays, stories, interviews, and poetry, people write in The Sun of their struggle to understand their lives, often baring themselves with surprising intimacy. Our writers aren't afraid to take risks, to look at something ugly - or beautiful - and describe it honestly.

     Each month we also invite readers to write on such topics as Whirlwind Romances, Locked Doors, Begging, or Hair. What results, in the words of one reviewer, is "often exciting, always heartening, sometimes as shocking as words overheard in a church confessional." 

     Photographs round out the magazine, and each issue ends with a page of Sunbeams: quotations drawn from various sources and juxtaposed in a way that honors the rich and paradoxical nature of our lives. 

     We can't guarantee that The Sun will be the same from month to month. But we can promise that every issue will explore the unexpected pain, the joy, and, most of all, the simple dignity of being human. 

 	Sy Safransky  
Editor and founder
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