The Waldorf Promise Two:
New Hope for At-risk Youth
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"On the last day of school, two fifteen year old boys - one Hispanic, the other Hmong-played a Mozart duet on their recorders. Both had been expelled from public schools for violent acts, constant failure in class, and refusal to follow directions. But their music lessons were rigorous. They had never worked so hard on anything. When they finished playing their duet before an audience of 45, classmates cheered and they even clapped for themselves.
It was a miracle."
Ruth Mikkelsen, Principal Yuba County Court and Community Schools
2002-2003 Administrator of the Year, Colusa/Sutter/Yuba Counties
What educators have said about... The Professional Development Course for Teachers of At-Risk Youth at Rudolf Steiner College:
'This project fills an incredible void, a vast gap in the supports, services and opportunities available to young people, especially those with multiple risks and challenges in their lives. It offers both the content and process for creating a cadre of turnaround teachers and turnaround schools that truly can weave a safety net, a fabric of resilience for our most in need young people."
Bonnie Benard Senior Program Associate and Resiliency Specialist, WestED
'This course has facilitated teachers' engagement of students with multiple learning
styles and challenges. It is providing our core team with a basic understanding of
underlying developmental needs and methods that can be readily infused in an alternative setting to break the cycle of failure that so many of our students have come to accept ....The effectiveness of the training is evident by teacher and staff enthusiasm to implement what they have learned and the students' enthusiasm in participating as active learners - some for the first time in their educational experience."
MaryLou Vachet, Principal Access Region B, Orange County Department of Education
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taken by their teacher, Sandy Allen