The Waldorf Promise

From the back cover:

This Ciné Golden Eagle Award winningt documentary focuses on eight teachers who use a method of teaching teaching that truly "leaves no child behind." The growing use of use of Waldorf teaching methods in public schools across the USA holds .great promise for our children and for the future[

"I'm more interested in American schools than I am in Waldorf schools. My interest is in how to help schools to the point where we don't have so many children dropping out, alienated from the system. I go to Waldorf schools looking for advice about how to that."

--Ray McDermott, Ph.D.

Professor of Education, Stanford University


• Scene Selection by School,Teacher and Experts

• Bonus Methods footage

NTSC video - full screen 3:4
79 minutes/Digital Stereo
Landfall Productions, Inc.



The Down-to-Earth Foundation promise:

Call or write us for more information about possible scholarship aid to attend the Waldorf training at one of the Waldorf training Centers in the US. It will help if you are already a teacher, but if you are only thinking of becoming one, we may be able to help. Our only condition is that you make a commitment with that center - and us - to sctually teach for a year in an inner city public school of the kind shown on the DVD.

Call Mary at 413-628-0227
or write to us at maryskole@aol.com.

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