Exceptional Teachers, Creative Teaching

Every one of these special people have something of note to offer as models for successful, creative teaching, each in her/his own way. Several of the links below refer to articles on this website, others to other websites.

Note: names marked with an asterisk have books available on our online bookstore. Click here to learn more about these books - and many others hard to find, and invaluable to people looking for exceptional teaching and/or schools.

Deb Cavanaugh

Orin Domenico

Holly Engel

*John Taylor Gatto

Hanna Greenberg

Scott Hathaway

*John Lawry

Dave Lehman

*Richard Lewis

*Chris Mercogliano

Betsy Mercogliano

Emanuel Pariser

*David Solmitz

Martha Goff Stoner

Well, these are some of the extraordinary teachers I've had the privilege of knowing and publishing in SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education. Here's one more article written by me, Mary Leue - which describes what we do at The Free School.

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