Free Schools, Alternative Schools

by Jonathan Kozol

From the back cover of Free Schools:

"It is not only a beautiful book, but also a serious and courageous one. The free school which this book defends is not the traditionsl one that, modernized, would become more efficient in the class-manipulating power ... Kozol is not a naive educator."

- Paulo Freire, Author of The Pedagogy of the Oppressed

"Just plain essential. I kept nodding my head in vigorous agreement until it might have fallen off. Stripped of rhetoric and fiercely real, the book is so useful a guide because of Jonathan Kozol's depth of experience and understanding."

- Nat Hentoff, author of Our Children Are Dying

From the back cover of Alternative Schools:

When Jonathan Kozol wrote Free Schools in 1972, there were one hundred alternative schools in the United States. Partially as a result of Kozol's pioneering work, there are today [1982] more than ten thousand altgernative schools, and public educational syhstems are routinely asdopting many of the principles and methods once thought to be revolutionary.

Alternative Schools is an upto-date, revised edition of the earlier classic. The author presents a step-by-step description of how to build a small school fcrom the ground up and the way to make it responsive to the needs and wishes of the neighborhood in which it stands.

This is a passionate and persuasive book written by one on the inside. It speaks with equal power to all men and women who are concerned with the issues of education in this nation. ...