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The New Free School Website
7 Elm Street, Albany, NY 12202
Click here to see a site for the new school movie.
Pages to explore:
Overview - School History - Internships - Endowments - Where we are - Current activities - Private tutoring (Free School style) - Hobble .... huh?

(HOBBLE?? The eyes! I just saw eyes on the website! - oh, n.o.o.o.! Not the enchanted basement again! Groan) Maybe, after all, you shouldn't click on that green URL above - you would see them - the EYES!!!

Well, you may be one of the daring ones ... If you insist, click here - then go down into the cellar.
Pages for adults (but kids can look too): The Story of Isaac
Click here to read Chris Mercogliano's splendid article, "Why the Free School?", with which his book about the school, Making It Up As We Go Along, concludes.
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