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"Gan Eydn, in rural Colrain, Massachusetts is the home of Peggy Davis and Yosl (Joe) Kurland. It is a center for Yiddish language and music and Jewish art. For more information call Joe Kurland or Peggy Davis at 413-624-3204 or email us at Please drop us a note and tell us how you found us, how you like our page, and whether you'd like us to email you announcements of performances, new recordings, new graphics disks and new prints."




Peggy says of herself:

"Peggy Davis draws inspiration from traditional texts, old Hebrew manuscripts and Jewish folk art for her varied work, which celebrates Jewish ritual and ceremonial life in home and synagogue. Her commissioned work includes ketubot [wedding announcements], invitations, chuppot [wedding canopies], recognition awards, and baby-naming art. She is always ready to work on new projects, meeting with clients in person or by mail. She uses watercolor, papercutting, colored pencil, pastel and other media in her work.

"Peggy's introduction to Hebrew calligraphy was in Jerusalem; she later studied with Ismar David in New York and with many teachers of English calligraphy. She began lettering in 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota and moved to Massachusetts in 1988. Her studio is in an old farmhouse in the rural town of Colrain, where customers are welcome to visit. "

Joe Kurland was, for many years, a teacher at the Holyoke Street School - but he was always far, far more than just that, and yet received very little in return, either in salary OR in recognition! Joe was a staunch advocate as well as a splendid teacher for the high school age dropout kids who landed at the school, and who really had no one else! He has always been a good friend and supporter of alternative education.

Years ago Joe began realizing that Yiddish culture was in danger of dropping out of the reach of second and third generation Jewish families, as well as the rest of us! He told us that he started collecting old records of Yiddish music - especially Klezmer music - from friends of his parents when they were cleaning out their closets and attics as well as a few things he found at Hadassah thrift stores around the country - and the rest is history.

As a couple, he and Peggy are extraordinarily gifted in the expressive arts, and their Klezmer band music is irresistible fun! Altogether, their home, Ganeydn, is a "bracha" (a blessing) for Franklin County - poorest of all Massachusetts' counties - and for us all! Oh, and, by the way, their actual website has LOTS more on it to look at and choose

From Peggy's Gallery:


Ketubah Klesmorim

This image comes from Peggy's Gallery on their website, where she shows several more images of her work. Peggy describes the origin of this one as follows:

"These ketubah customers had also hired the Wholesale Klezmer Band, and this design grew out of the discussions about the music and dancing for the wedding. This is a custom text and is lettered in a style called Contemporary. Peggy also designed a center piece for their khuppah with these figures. The outer edge was made up of patches made by their friends."

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