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Glastonbury is a unique small town. 
It has a long history as a pilgrimage 
place - it's the Isle of Avalon! 
Nowadays it is a 21st Century mecca 
- home to many interesting people. 
Taste Glastonbury's lively character 
by wandering round this website!
Glastonbury Abbey
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The Tor, by Connie Frisbee Houde

It's not a usual kind of hill: people develop personal and profound relationships with it, and they have done so since time began. It's one of the world's more prominent sacred sites. Visiting the Tor seems to activate deep imagery, inspiration and energies within. Sit on a seat at the bottom, and watch people trogging up, carrying their burdens, preoccupied with their lives, looking for something... or just walking the dog &endash; and when they come down, they're singing, chatting, and their spirits are bright. Why? We offer some clues here!

(Go to the website to follow up on this suggestion. In the meanwhile, click here to read a strange adventure that occurred to me (Mary Leue) on the Tor in 1985,- and to view more pictures by Connie Frisbee Houde from a later visit - and here to read a poem I wrote during a trip to England in 1995.)
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