The scope of this website is wider than American education - hence the title
We are all experiencing an increasingly wider sense of helplessness and growing horror at the fundamental changes for the worse that are taking place all over the world - environmental, economic, social, personal - which are robbing us of the predictable patterns of our lives.
I can offer you a whole group of online allies if you decide to take on the Mission Impossible role of helping to make changes in the way things work. Take a look at our bookstore, books by people who have been there in person - and some who still are! Also a page of resources (articles, reviews, organizations, programs) to offer people seeking to make changes in their children's education - as I did during the 70s, joined by a self-chosen group of very special people! Or click here if you are thinking about making personal lifestyle changes but can't get started.
If you're worried about the issue of oil in connection with global peace (I am), click here to look at the pages(on our sister website, Purple Panthers) on biodiesel fuel from used cooking oil, or the development of biodiesel production - as well as an informed article ("The End") about the end of our global supply of oil. There's also a short video you can order from the bookstore giving a look at Tom's plant and an explanation of how the fuel is made. Scroll down to the video section.
Look also at the page covering both teachers' and kids' actual experiences in school for more reading on the subject! 
Can the Internet help us by-pass some of the obstacles standing in the way of life-positive decisions and choices for families and their children - as well as other issues too long ignored by society? That has been my question. Organizations like MoveOn are telling us it CAN! We must keep on hoping for change - for the better!
Four years ago I created this site to address the multiplicity of learning-centered issues so many of us have been facing as families with kids in recent years. I am ready to offer whatever support I can, based on my own past work in creating and helping run an alternative school for twenty years - and then fourteen years of editing and publishing an alternative schools, SKOLE, the Journal of Alternative Education. John Potter, Headmaster of the New School of Northern Virginia, has written a lovely review of the little journal. 
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The fear of change can paralyze one's will to act. There isn't much we can do about the war or the economic situation, at least until election day, but we can learn how to live with them. I hope I can pass on some of what I have learned to others trapped as I felt trapped for so long. It's a long road, so let's get started!
 First, let's tackle the issue of change itself.
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