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Links to Good Schools

This page offers you glimpses of the websites that represent a wide variety of alternative and other student-friendly schools. These are only facsimile pages, available on this website, but they also offer hyperlinks to the sites themselves - plus a kids' online page anyone can join by writing me at my e-mail address:

The Academy at Charlemont a most unusual private school, small, both learning and student-oriented, rich in the arts and student life experiences
Alternative Community School, an Essential Schools Network member in Ithaca, New York
Blacksburg New School, a family-centered alternative school
Brockwood Park School in Hampshire, UK
Children's Village, NYC - since 1851 a therapeutic community helping children fulfill the American Dream - included here because the children they serve are evidently happy and productive! Take a look!
Clonlara School and Homeschooling Network
Coalition of Essential Schools page
Community School in Camden, Maine
Albany's Free School has a new website. It's a duzey!
You can also see a page taken from the old one at about us.
Harmony School Education Center
Holma College of Integral Studies - take a look at their website. It's in southern Sweden, and sounds great
Home Learning - this account would not be complete without the inclusion of a very fruitful school category - un- or de- or home-schooling - or home learning. There is no single location for this multi-named category, but here is a lovely website that will introduce you to some of it!
The Hyde School, in Bath, Maine (and now also in Woodstock, Connecticut) - a school that has successfully taught character education since 1966. Also offers a teacher training program, as well as a parenting program.
Lamborn Valley School
Kinokuni - the wonderful Japanese school on a mountaintop! Read about it from the perspectives of a parent (who once taught at Summerhill and now teaches at a Japanese University) - and from his son Akira, who was a student there for many years, and is now at Summerhill!
New School of Northern Virginia - a school teaching students about heart as well as integrity
Puget Sound Community School
Stork Family School, a wonderful school in the Ukraine
Summerhill, A. S. Neill's great English school, just emerged from under the shadow of English officialdom!
Sudbury Valley School. Well, this one I've been asked to take off, because Dan becomes easily intimidated by the danger of invasion of his territorial integrity, fearing misrepresentation - but the skeleton of the facsimile page is still there, and so is his school's URL! And it's really a terrific school -- not that it lacks wide recognition! So this link still works!
Upattinas School

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