A poem written by Jerry as a fifteen-year-old:


I hate this dam unthinking school
Which professes to teach you the Golden Rule -
"You fool me and I'll make you a fool"
Against this I will rebel.
Many's the time when I've hated to stay
When the bored, boring teacher had nothing to say.
But "No!" says the teacher, "You can't go away!"
And this I will also retell.
So I learned what the bored, boring teacher had taught
And, thusly, I learned to be bored on the spot.
And ever since, I've been bored at the thought
Of the trash that the school has to sell.
Oh, I'm sure education in school's not all bad
And I'll know things of interest when I am a grad.
But the camouflage job on the interest is sad
And the learning won't set very well.
And so every morning at just 9 o' clock
I rush in the school and behind me they lock
The door to my prison, and I start to walk
Through the prison, from cell to cell.


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