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The URL above is an invitation to read about an international aid program that really works! They have established programs in Africa, Asia, Central/Eastern Europe, Latin America/Caribbean and North America.
Unlike other international aid agencies, The Heifer Project invites people to help fund a gift to some region of the earth which desperately needs renewal at home - not handouts from the surplus goods of one of the wealthy nations, but simple offerings of a "starter" animal like a young cow (a heifer), or a goat, or a pullet and a cockerel, with which to start a family on the road to health and prosperity. But, like the starter animal, this gift is only a starter for a step-by-step program of teaching families how to replenish and care for their land, no matter how badly depleted it has become, so that they may teach their neighbors what they themselves have learned. Truly, this is a one animal, one person, one family, one village, one country at a time program which builds from the bottom up.
I would add only that I believe that it is an approach like this one - and this one in particular! - which is the ONLY kind of program that works, and that will work - to achieve world peace and justice! I do not believe that mass programs or handouts work! I believe that pronlems which exist, no matter how devastating they may be - are solvable one locality at a time, one family at a time - one person at a time - and that the adage, "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day - teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime" sums up the only way real change takes place in the world.
Below is a fascinating account by writer and environmentalist Barbara Kingsolver of a trip to Peru which she made with "a dozen Heifer International devotees from the United States who'd come to bear witness to the works we had supported for years with our hearts and wallets." Barbara describes both her experience and her understanding of how the program works so vividly that I would hesitate to substitute my account for hers - so I urge you to read hers!
The Heifer Project has a number of learning centers in the US at which they love to teach and to demonstrate their work.
Here's the list:
Heifer Ranch
Overlook Farm
Ceres Center
They inviite you to get involved. As they put it on the website,
Heifer In Your Community:
Get involved in your local community with Heifer events, volunteer opportunities, fundraising and more. Contact the Regional Office nearest you for more information.
You can receive their gift catalog and donate the cost of one of more animals you can subscribe to thewir newsletter and hear about current activities, you can visit their World Ark Online.
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